Rains of Summer

Aguas de Abril – Waters of April, if i’m not mistaken.

Things are starting to ease now, I’m now starting to lose motivation. Especially work and other stuffs. I feel like I’m dragging myself to work. I’m slowly taking the pace of just totally lying down in eternity… haha, o.a . Of course not, I can’t resign nor stop doing the things I love. I have bills to pay, I have my mom to take care of, I have friends to tease to, lots of indifferent places to go to, Tons of people to shoot to, Say sorry to the people I hurt, listen to other’s apology, tech gadgets to splurge on, money to burn, good food to eat and someone to make happy and realize that life can be so fulfilling.

I think my body is now getting weaker.. I’m having a fever now, and it’s damn consistent. Low grade, for quantification.

My skin problem is recurring for the nth time. I also have xxxxxxxxd . secret…
Maybe my cd4 is getting lower than the first time I took the test, 282.
I wanna take ARV’s but every time that prescription is within my reach, these comes up ..

tsk. The day ended as I walk along Ayala Av., and the so called Rain of Summer touched my face. I wanna get wet and feel like a child again, dancing in the rain… but i might get sick.


I can’t wait for payday….

Yin and Yang

Monday, the most hated day of the week. Rush hour, the hustle and bustle, overloaded paper works.. Monday sickness as what you call it.

On the contrary, this Monday was so good.. less stress, more happiness and great laughs.

Less work the day, mean less stress.. good!
Chit chat, pig and drink out on a typical Monday! awesome…
Laughs here, laughs over there.. office day ended by an early out! wohoo!

Great jump off for the week!
less negativities, insecurities, insensible talks, insensitive manners..
all i can say is… “No Wonder…”

I was exchanging sms with a good friend of mine, and we were making chismis about the latest with the positive guys. this made me realize that hey, even in this world those hilarious guys still exist. Talking about those pretentious ones, who’ll fool you with their sensible acts then eventually they’re not, those superficial guys just like you see in g4m or planet romeo.. So contrary to what i’ve heard that, “bumabait ang mga tao pag naging HIV positive
well, in some cases… yes. there are a lot of nice guys out there, but not all.

Still a lot of cocky ones. Attitude problem ones. again, No Wonder….

if there’s the yin, there’s gonna be the yang…. even with the HIV wolrd. so another realization came up.

Sensible Sunday

Sunday, and it’s a good one for me!

met a new friend, loved the long sensible talks.

Less dense day for Mall of Asia I should say… Maybe tired from the hustles of yesterday’s Metro Festival.

Went out for a photoshoot. I like this.. I’m back on my lens.

Stroll, shoot and dine.. wow, 2.5 cups of rice! my appetite is beating me..

(my shot —> )

leave all stress and insensitivities, time to move forward.

Thanks to this sensible guy i’ve met.

Sunday’s like Sundae.. a comfort zone.

Takes One to Tango

Starstrukk – 3OH!3 ft Katy Perry

“It doesn’t really matter Who you say you are, Singin’ out the window of your car, Find another girl across the Bar, ‘Cause L-O-V-E is not what this was”

Alone isn’t always lonely … for sometime.

Yesterday was all a crap, pressured and crammed work just to squeeze myself in an occasion and friends making tampo since I’ll leave early for a movie date turned disaster and insensitive cracks which triggered my Lacrimal glands and making my eyes puffed. wow

I decided to pay Ortigas a visit since San Miguel by the Bay is throttled with Aliwan Festival,
I might be another needle in a haystack.

To ease my unlawful tension, I played Tekken and challenged some guys, with all fairness I got 5 consecutive wins.

Hungry and sweaty coz of the play, I went to a nearby burger chain, 3rd to my favorite burger patty goodness after Brother’s Burger and Burger King. Off to Cyberzone to buy my bass pounding thingy., went to a pharmacy and bought some stuffs and medicines.

Last week for Date Night and I wanna try it… hmm, not really funny. Get Smart was way better.

I declined to join my friend who wanted to go and enjoy the night in Malate. To begin with, I’m not really a party guy nor a bar grasshopper, I can enjoy and ride with the guys, I just don’t know the run-abouts of the game.

Unknown events are in stored for me for Sunday and I hope this won’t be like last week’s.

Sigh, it’s been a while.. I’m dating countless guys the past couple of years.
None of them turned out right, either they went to see a hotter guy, they’re just playing off,
they’re too desperate to have one and rushing things out, senseless ones and the insensitive ones
or maybe it’s me who’s being too choosy.

I just know what I want, if you insist “no” then fine.. it’s a no. if you want it, then lets talk about it. Life’s easy…

hope J and I will meet tomorrow..

My Pillow is too wet

I just can’t stop my eyes from tearing right now…

I’m crying a river. I don’t know why, maybe all the burdens, frustrations and disappointment since I was a child erupted all of a sudden.

From a famous Science law, For every action, there will be an equal or opposite reaction.
Like a gun, a finger must trigger for it to fire.

The week was pretty aloof with me, Weekend is not really getting me off.
Even my iPod can’t ease what i am feeling.. this is getting worse.

I’m a kind of guy who doesn’t really say “i’m sorry” and “please” and maybe that’s what makes
my strong personality. So when somebody heard it from me, rest assured I mean it.. but when it comes to a point that these words are mistreated, Simply… no more “sorries” and “pleases”.
been crying for 2hours… and it’s heavy, im just keeping it silent so no one can hear my rumble.
even Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance can’t stop me….

From this depression am having, i thought of confessing my status with one of my ex’s whom i saw online in ym, i told him everything.. everything went like a beach of tears. after a bit of talk,

“I’ll commit myself in helping you…”

a pound of hard relief rushed through my virus filled veins, which I’ve been longing for..

tomorrow, a good crepe and movie is up.
good luck with puffy eyes.
Sorry, I’m just too Vulnerable.



It seemed that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed…

1. I had a good dream, but I wasn’t able to remember every detail of it!

2. INH tabs smells awful, well for me… though it’s smaller than a normal tab.
-i’m on INH prophylaxis by the way, Mantoux test came out positive. PPD test if you’re thinking.

3. My printer driver was not downloaded and installed on my desktop, what i have is the Windows Vista version and not Windows XP.

4. I left the house with a one-bar battery on my phone.

5. a simple snack drained me P100, yes, P100. An impractical kind of snack when i have something inside my bag.

6. crappy office systems… they help lessen my cd4 cells, EVERYDAY!

7. a friend who’s not talking to you all of a sudden. fine!

8. the most deadly sin inside the office, i was seized using mobile.

9. traffic jam… on a midnight!!!! Arrival on home was late by 25 minutes.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! turn-over will be done tomorrow, i need to look good..
I have a gathering to attend to, a movie date as well.

Friendly Tuesday

A pretty nice Tuesday for me…

I got a new friend, Lucky13, and where gonna meet somewhere in Alabang. A mall to be exact and had lunch. His stuffed pizza, mine’s ultimate spicy one… well it’s not that spicy for me though.

He’s nice… 🙂

It was also a chance for me to meet friend, she’s item 4d. the gayish girl of my “Functional Groups” post. I was excited to see her as the lounge would become more noisy and gayfullness -hahah

gayfullness – state of being more than gay. 😀

wasn’t able to visit and meet E since they restrict visitors..

Had a check-up, and almost a cliff-hanging event of them giving me arv’s!
having a tonsillitis pays off… they need to eradicate this thingy before giving the candies…

The humid afternoon ended and Lucky13, gayish girl and i went to a nearby mall for a small dinner and exchange her usb. Omygawd! i really hate Wellcom’s customer service… grrraad! nakaka stress!!!

after dinner, we parted ways.. of course with smiles on our faces.. with new found friends 🙂

till next time..