Excited State

When Electrons’ energy level is above its Ground State, we can conclude that it is EXCITED.
— how Quantum Chemistry affects everyday life.
Tuesday, April 6 2010 … A totally different day that marked my calendar.
This is the day of my first CD4 grade … and not to my expectations, other surprises.
On my previous blog, I can’t sleep… I tried to close my eyes, engulf a big grasp of air and relaxed.
But it didn’t work, My eyes were closed and yet my conscious mind flew my head of the thing thats
going to happen for tomorrow… in RITM.
Set my alarm clock for 730am and off i go…
Woke up around 6am but it’s too early, hey i should be throwing off myself by 730am.
I took my short breakfast, a nice cold shower and prepared my stuffs.
I left the house by 820am anticipating myself to be in Alabang by 9am or so.
Even my ipod can’t blur all the things thats instilling in my mind on what’s gonna happen
since i’m alone. I don’t know if im excited to see the results or excited coz it’s another challenge for me to do something on my own… and there you go, Butterflies on my stomach!
Im now walking onto the small and short isle of the building and saw a lot, i mean A LOT of children screaming for mama and crying for the needle shot for their dog bite.. GAWD!
I entered the OPD annex door and saw the nurse who attended to me during my first visit,
a bit of sigh for me coz finally i know someone in the room! As my observant eyes roam the
small room, i saw another friend of mine… another sigh!
ok then, it’s time for my agenda… “For Follow-up and CD4 result pls.. R10-xxx”
Results were — CD4 282
“ok, 282… at least not 2 or 6”
im happy with it, 3 digits is not bad.
If you’re gonna ask me, i’d rather take arv’s instead.
Side Effects or OI’s? —- Side Effects, of course!
How is it gonna be taking Truvada, Kaletra, Isentress, Atripla, Bevirimat etc taste like?
hahaha, In my dreams… I know, I know… 1st line first.