Time Management Master

If boredom could kill, i might be dead…
death from boredom not because of the OI’s.

today was a very slow day, it’s Tuesday… but feels like a Sunday.

I’m filling up my calendar of activities and things to do for the week and it seemed
that i’m pretty free for this week.

What’s in store for this week are,

• Enrollment, reservation and payment.
• Follow up with RITM on Friday. Gonna be exciting, again.
• Meet with friends for a sports event.
• Sunday is free day, might gonna watch a movie. Alone or not.

Voila, that’s it… not too much too do, really!

I’m a master of Time Management. I can almost do anything spontaneously.
Even having lunch, surfing, doing paper works and photo editing all at the same time. wow!

Going back to boredom, lemme kill this… i’m now maintaining my laptop for it’s optimum performance,
watching youtube, checking William Levy and surfing local gay personal sites.. but hey, there’s no one to talk to since everyone’s busy as of the moment, still 545pm MNL and there’s the rush hour.

I have to wait for a couple of hours for things to go in place.

The Functional Groups

Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Carboxylic Acids, Hydroxyl groups, Amines, Azides and all those
stuffs play a role in each compound for it to be functional.

Yesterday’s experience in RITM was indeed fun,
Well, for an introvert and examiner kind guy like me, observing and watching how people
do their everyday thing is never been exciting.

My watching galore started out when i was in the OPD annex room. My eyes goes from
left to right and up to down searching for something that might entertain me while waiting for the long

1. the first guy who caught my attention was this small guy. not really a small guy, bulges of
biceps and chest flaunt along with his sleeveless shirt.
geesh, one of my weaknesses … great body. :P. As from what i observed, he’s new. he just
filled-out (fill-out ok? since you’re filling out the blanks in the paper and not “fill-up”, a common filipinoism) the orange card and the history thingy. he’s doing the requests for base lining. he
doesnt look good, but hey with that body.. oh my.

2. when i was about to submit my specimen in the clinical laboratory and i was walking along the hallway,
i saw this guy with a striking shirt of striped black and white color. He’s cute, we looked at each
others eyes spontaneously, again and again and again.. i think there’s something between us. i just don’t know if i looked familiar or what. but then again, he’s cute.

3. as im nearing my queue, the door opened and there’s this husband and wife, i said to myself..

“dito ba talaga to or baka naman sa dog bite section to na naligaw?”

when they registered onto the paper, “oh my god, reality bites.. even hubby and wife” and take note, wife is preggy and hubby is good looking.

This made a realization that everybody can be one, another way of moving forward right?

4. my agenda for the day was done, i have lots of time left and its too early for me to
go to makati for my work. i decided to spend my time in the lounge thinking that the tv is on
so i can watch Showtime. I entered the room and saw a bunch of people whose i think having lunch, being a bit suplado i hurriedly searched for a sofa so i can rest. the bunch of people called me and offered their strawberries from baguio — thank god, ice breaker. and the rest is history…

4a. a girl approached me and asked for my name, so we talked about me being new in the
society. A researcher for discrimination, this girl is living with “it” for 13yrs.. to my amazement i started asking out questions and i enjoyed the small conversation.

4b. A petite nun hurriedly and excitedly sat beside me and introduced herself.
“this is getting better, people here are truly nice”
grabbing her notebook, she took down notes of what i am telling her, how nice she is. Convesration
is getting longer and i like it.

4c. another acquaintance was made when i sat beside a guy and did a small talk. He’s from
another province, one of the best places in the Philippines, best beaches and best underground rivers and i’ve been there.

4d. the fun conversation gets even more fun when this gayish girl entered the room. Recently confined for a certain sickness, this gayish girl is still full of energy. Introduced by the petite nun
to everybody, the room is now filled with good vibes. Sharing her stories both here and abroad, being proud of her 64 CD4 making everything stress-free.. i like this girl.

4e. a choreographer was no exemption, he intorduced himself to everbody. i dont know if he’s
straight or not. a bit shy, this choreo is new, just had his confirmatory test and up for baselining.

4f. the wife and hubby, the one i mentioned above. joined the fun conversation.

4g. there’s another chemistry guy from a prestigious school. –he’s the real chemist to be, im

4h. A computer junkie, and we’re from the same school… a school inclined with math, chemistry, physics and other higher math and engineering subjects.

4i. Cute partners, 2 of them of course. They’re new in the institute, a transferee i should say.
they’re cute and again from another prestigious school. how sweet they were.

no need to elaborate, may be you’ll stumble upon them one of these days.. just like the functional groups. these guys play an important role in the society as their diversity and differences show. meeting these guys was truly an experience, one good thing about this conversion, you’ll get to know tons of people reacting from one another to create a grateful system of friendship.