Takes One to Tango

Starstrukk – 3OH!3 ft Katy Perry

“It doesn’t really matter Who you say you are, Singin’ out the window of your car, Find another girl across the Bar, ‘Cause L-O-V-E is not what this was”

Alone isn’t always lonely … for sometime.

Yesterday was all a crap, pressured and crammed work just to squeeze myself in an occasion and friends making tampo since I’ll leave early for a movie date turned disaster and insensitive cracks which triggered my Lacrimal glands and making my eyes puffed. wow

I decided to pay Ortigas a visit since San Miguel by the Bay is throttled with Aliwan Festival,
I might be another needle in a haystack.

To ease my unlawful tension, I played Tekken and challenged some guys, with all fairness I got 5 consecutive wins.

Hungry and sweaty coz of the play, I went to a nearby burger chain, 3rd to my favorite burger patty goodness after Brother’s Burger and Burger King. Off to Cyberzone to buy my bass pounding thingy., went to a pharmacy and bought some stuffs and medicines.

Last week for Date Night and I wanna try it… hmm, not really funny. Get Smart was way better.

I declined to join my friend who wanted to go and enjoy the night in Malate. To begin with, I’m not really a party guy nor a bar grasshopper, I can enjoy and ride with the guys, I just don’t know the run-abouts of the game.

Unknown events are in stored for me for Sunday and I hope this won’t be like last week’s.

Sigh, it’s been a while.. I’m dating countless guys the past couple of years.
None of them turned out right, either they went to see a hotter guy, they’re just playing off,
they’re too desperate to have one and rushing things out, senseless ones and the insensitive ones
or maybe it’s me who’s being too choosy.

I just know what I want, if you insist “no” then fine.. it’s a no. if you want it, then lets talk about it. Life’s easy…

hope J and I will meet tomorrow..