Rains of Summer

Aguas de Abril – Waters of April, if i’m not mistaken.

Things are starting to ease now, I’m now starting to lose motivation. Especially work and other stuffs. I feel like I’m dragging myself to work. I’m slowly taking the pace of just totally lying down in eternity… haha, o.a . Of course not, I can’t resign nor stop doing the things I love. I have bills to pay, I have my mom to take care of, I have friends to tease to, lots of indifferent places to go to, Tons of people to shoot to, Say sorry to the people I hurt, listen to other’s apology, tech gadgets to splurge on, money to burn, good food to eat and someone to make happy and realize that life can be so fulfilling.

I think my body is now getting weaker.. I’m having a fever now, and it’s damn consistent. Low grade, for quantification.

My skin problem is recurring for the nth time. I also have xxxxxxxxd . secret…
Maybe my cd4 is getting lower than the first time I took the test, 282.
I wanna take ARV’s but every time that prescription is within my reach, these comes up ..

tsk. The day ended as I walk along Ayala Av., and the so called Rain of Summer touched my face. I wanna get wet and feel like a child again, dancing in the rain… but i might get sick.


I can’t wait for payday….