Holidays and Crushes

May 3, 2010 – Rescheduled Labor Day holiday, everyone was enjoying their vacation..

Me… Double the pay! woohoo. Less traffic, Sea side aroma of Makati, Quiet Ayala Av.. This is
what I like most when holidays.

It was just an ordinary day for me, yet another mood swing though.
It flushed into my mind every detail of my past that led me to this, another regret session for me.
I know… I’m so full of drama, eh bakit? I wont go deep into details coz it might start another swing for me.

May 4, 2010 – Tuesday, I went to RITM to have my legs checked up … AGAIN for the nTH time.

This is really pissing me off, no more wow legs for.. scars scars and scars. If you’re wondering what is it, Furunculosis. Small ones. These led me to being diagnosed as positive.
2weeks ago, I went to RITM’s Dermatology section for this to be checked. Out of disappointment, My legs are still suffering from it. I went to OPD a while ago coz I might have the chance to request a Co-Trimaxazole prescription for these bugs to go away… Success!
but I forgot to have my mouth checked for possible thrush, JUST POSSIBLE, ok? or maybe I’m just too paranoid about it…

I went to the lounge and saw a handful of people, there’s Au – another day that the lounge would be noisy. Stuffs of new girls and guys and some old time friends like the gayish girl B and sweetheart J and a cute guy J. I also enlisted myself for their self empowerment training though … though I think for myself that im already empowered!

i might go back on Thursday for another check up.

Office – I was late, 4th day of the month and I’m late. tsk
So i was already badtrip when I was along Ayala Av., but but but… my thoughts went to Elysian fields when I saw my long time crush. Hahaha! for the longest time.. Another one when I went to McDo Valero, there’s Manager D.. haaist.

I almost said and confided everything with my boss when he asked what happened to me the previous months since my performance in the office was not that good…
good thing, i know how to travel in zigzag… though i think he has the thought.

gosh! it’s 127am and it’s very humid! temperature’s rising…
i wanna take a bath!