Festivals, Jejemons and Superficials

It was a non-productive day for me.. spent the day resting from Saturday’s Pahiyas Festival.

The festival was great, lots of people, tons of food and great colors..
Despite the heat, heavy traffic, sweaty and sticky people I managed to make it a worthwhile activity.

It started out on a heavy traffic along SLEX caused by a massive fire. It took us around 2hours just to pass by Alabang exit from C5. I thought it was the end, but NO .. Tollgate traffic along Laguna made a 45min ordeal. Another one along Sto. Thomas, Batangas. Then another along Quezon! gawd! the normal 3-4 hours ride to Lucban was about 6-7 hours.. such a crap!

When we were there, tons of people stumbled upon the streets and it is imperative for any vehicle to pass through, so we decided to walk. Watching a lot of people is always my favorite pass time, i got more excited when we where in city proper. pucha ang daming tao and the heat was so intense! pancit habhab everywhere, street foods were rampant, colorful kipings and houses, maraming din cute at gays. it was a nice view from the start.

Took photos the whole day and went home at around 8pm, as expected, sobrang traffic pa rin. arrived home at around 3am. See, 8pm-3am, that’s 7hrs!

Sunday, time to organize my things and photos.. I wanna go out and play, yoko kasi mag stay house since i always feel that i dont have the sense of privacy. but out of katamaran hindi na ko natuloy. even i’m with my folks at home… depression still bothers me. I wanna talk and make kwento to someone… but hey, there’s none. Remember, my mom and i is not that close to an extent that i share my personal stuffs? so instead, i went online and tried to look for someone to talk to. as always, pahirapan mag hanap.

Someone sent a message to my pseudo account in planet romeo, pseudo account – my hiv inclined personal account, hahaha.

he said, “pls text mo naman ako, huhuh”
i said, “bakit kita itetext, positive ka ba?”
he said, “yes”

so he gave me his number and i decided to text him, maybe he’s new and he doesnt know what to do and he knows i can help him. he’s so handsome, nice nose and eyes. pang artista i should say, 22 yo though. the way he compose his text, you’ll notice na bata pa sya kasi sort of a jejemon. tsk. we talked over the phone and exchanged some messages, then he asked for my photo, i was in doubt since mahirap mag trust, but for fairness sake i did give my facebook. all of a sudden hindi na sya nag text. so, alam ko na.. my god, nag kalat paren ang mga superficial. they’re everywhere! fine fine, to begin with he’s a jejemon so goodluck na lang sakanya.

after a while, there’s another guy. i saw his photo and alam kong mejo sikat sya sa g4m or pr. i always see his profile in every forums during the g4m days.. pusit din pala to! to cut it short, his senseless, superficial. though hindi ko naman binigay photos ko kasi alam ko na na ganun sya. so i saw his photo but he didnt see mine.. still quits.

no dates for the time being. ok na din less stress sa mga hindi magandang ugali.
maybe searching for good and trustworthy friends is enough muna.
nakaka dagdag sa depression kasi, so better stop it muna..

posted are some photos from the festival, of course ibang set yung nakapost sa personal sites ko. πŸ˜€



Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email: tetrahydroziline@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “Festivals, Jejemons and Superficials”

  1. Wow great photos! Never been to Lucban so wala ako idea of the actual view of the festival.. hayy.. Pancit habhab is delicious.
    Yup i saw that news about the fire along slex, naisip ko nga pauwi ka nabasa ko kasi ung last post mo hehe so for sure natraffic ka.

  2. thanks hehe,
    yeah sobrang traffic. sayang talaga ng oras. ang sakit pa sa likod . not really that comfy. pero ok naman, charge to experience.

    i havent tried pancit habhab, sabi ng friend ko hindi naman daw masarap and besides takot ako on how they prepared it eh. alam mo na, baka hindi ganun ka linis.. hehe

  3. Ang galing! Ang gaganda ng kuha mo ah. Ang dami kong kaibgan na nagpunta ng pahiyas, sobrang traffic nga daw. Pero ang gaganda naman ng mga kuha nila. Nainggit tuloy ako, di kasi ako nakapag leave nung araw ng Pahiyas, naunahan kasi ako.

    Nagphophotography ka ba? Hobbyist kasi ako.

  4. On nga, magkaribal nga tayo, pero wala yun sa brand o model ng camera, sabi nga sa isang photography forum… “Wala sa pana yun, nasa indian yon”.

    Anung forte mo? Street ako at nagttry ng portraiture. Kaya mahilig ako sa street photography kasi gala ako eh. Kaya di ako madalingmaligaw sa karamihan ng mga lugar sa Metro Manila.

    Anung model ng Nikon mo?

    Pwede tayong mag email-emailan.


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