You’re a Lucky Guy

Last night, Tuesday, I met a guy in Legaspi village.

He sent me a message in planet romeo last week coz he’s having some problems.
He felt that he’s positive since there were some symptoms that denotes the condition such as Shingles, swollen lymph nodes, flu-like symptoms and the like.. he was so worried and it seemed that all burden was on his shoulder. He mentioned that around 2008 he had a slight unprotected encounter. He was horribly asking for my advise and urged to meet me. Of course i had doubts.

When arrived in Manila last weekend, he took the test in Makati Medical Center and since it was a Saturday, results might be out by Tuesday.

This is the longest 2 days of my life

he quoted. After exchanging some sms’s I decided to meet him in Legaspi village where he stays, After work i went straight through the place and we met. He’s of average height, i’m turned on with his braces and i know he’s intelligent coz of the way he speaks and utters his emotions..

good thing these kind of guys still exists, they’re just hiding underground waiting to be discovered, i thought this world is now dominated by relentless party freaks and superficial minds.

We sat down and talked, asking questions, giving out answers, sharing experiences, making daot, and pampering what can be pampered. He’s good in conversations. Couple of hours later, we decided to part ways, gave him a hug and an assurance that no matter what results would be, you can still go ahead and live a normal life…

Tuesday afternoon, he’s not texting me.. so i wondered if what happened, baka sobrang shocked at depressed sa result kaya ayaw muna ng kausap. I tried texting him,

you ok?

no reply..

work’s done for the day and i went home, as i sat on my bed trying to untie my shoe, my phone rang and saw his name.

Hi, Z ……. just had the results and it’s non reactive! im so hapi and changed….. thanks for showing me how a complete stranger can help so much… id reli like us to be friends.

Im so happy for him, he’s negative.. at least walang madagdag na figure sa tally.
Though i still warned him na to be careful next time.. I know he’s so happy. Rejoicing.

Suddenly, my mood went out crazy.. i’m now crying…. again!
I don’t know but maybe i’m just envious of him, not just envious but so envious!
buti ka siya negative.. I hope i got the same result when i took the test months ago.
It’s not my fault why im infected. If only i could turn back time. A system restore.

I took a bath so I wont feel my tears …

you’re a lucky guy R, pls be careful on your journey.