All Spark

The Spark Guy

It’s been a long time since i felt this, a spark. Spark, you feel a connection between him and you.. You feel like you’ve known each other well.

He’s M, i met him a couple of days ago in the self-empowerment seminar. It started out on the first day, remember that i was hesitant to enter the room and tried to squeeze in myself in the round table? He was the one who caught my attention first, not just head turning for the 2nd time but for more than 6 times. He has a good sense of fashion and he’s quite tall at 5’11! Although he’s a bit skinny for his frame and got rashes from Nevirapine, he’s still cute.. He’s my crush from the group.

As i sat in the round table with bunch of dynamic people, he’s the type of a talk-inviting guy coz of his light face and smile.. I really like his eyes, on how his chinito eyes were constructed. I can sense he’s a friendly one. Moments after, i can see in my peripheral vision that he’s looking at me and i think he wants to start a conversation. Ako naman, suplado effect as if i don’t notice anyone.. He found some confidence and approached me with some small talks…..

M: you look familiar
Z: you too! (which is totoo naman talaga)
M: i think i saw you somewhere maybe Gov or Bed.
Z: ah! Sorry, but i havent been there ever since.. Maybe you work in Makati…

He’s really now my crush, i dont know but he got me. Lols
The conversation goes until its lunch time. I sat beside him together with E, the so suplado, scary, serious guy that could kill with his banat and pambara.

He’s directly opposite of me on roundabout and i can always see his face and moves.. Ok, my friend R is already teasing me… Ok ok! I admit, crush ko sya and i like him. First impression was applauded.

I was really suprised when i learned that he’s gonna share with me and J the room for the night… Hmmm

so there you go, we were just inside the room having a little chit chat.. J was on the other room having fun with the other boys.

Hmmm.. This is getting intimate. I won’t get into details, haha lols.

During the stay of the seminar, i confessed that i liked him. (my first time of doing that, maybe an influence of the seminar topic about disclosure) and it turned out that he likes me too.. No more drama or frills.

After the seminar, Me, him and D – the girly gay decided to have some chit chat over coffee.. And so we did. He was fun to be with. Also D. We were full of chismis and cute stories to tell. We went home and parted ways, M is from Laguna so i decided to drop him off in a nearby terminal. Got home and got spontaneous exchanging sms and calls.

I know it’s too early to tell, let’s test the waters and see if this will work out. I’m sure it will.

Take care, redeem yourself M. ;p



Author: The Chemistry Guy

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