Flirting Space

I just noticed today, I’ve got a few grammatical and typographical errors. Tsk. I’m using my phone kasi to make a blog. My apologies.

I’m getting over my dizziness side effect slowly.

I think the connection between me and Ma is over. I feel no more, this is getting bland. If he just stick to his head what he said to me before..

You know what, ikaw yung type na love or hate lang

True indeed! Maybe it’s a manisfestation of my astrological sign but I can atest to it.

Stress comes within me and now depression starts to sink in… Again.
I can tell coz of sudden emotional bursts. Need to regain my self-composure with my ipod.

I’m now here in the salon having a haircut and I can’t believe that the guy assisting me is so horribly cute. He’s P. Fuck and he’s massaging me right now. Grrr. Ano ba?! Although he’s bansot, he’s so cute. Teehee. That’s why I really love going back to this gigolo-like assistant infested salon.

I just can’t help myself looking at him..
There are a lot cute guys in this world, it’s just a matter of appreciation.

Him: Sir, ang lalim ng iniisip nyo? Ano problema?
Me: Wala, may kamuka ka lang kasi….

Grabe ang landi ko talaga.

After this landi moments, am gonna go back home and take some rest then meet my friend.

Enough off emotional stress..



Author: The Chemistry Guy

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