Been a while

It’s been a while since my last post. A couple of weeks ago I think.

I don’t know but it seems that my aggressiveness and urge is slowly deteriorating.
I’m losing the enthusiasm of my everyday life. Nothing new happens, I can’t even control the steering wheel of my path. The past weekends, i’m just home.. just online and doing nothing. More than a couch potato. This week, still the same.. nothing really happens.

Though there are “some” good news for me.

I know I can do this, I can surpass this. I know my emotions are stable enough without the help of others. But… I’m feeling it.

I don’t know.. I still need to re-assess my Depression Management.

It’s 10.10.10 – any special thing to do? I want to go out and treat myself.

Nothing much to say.
Take care!



Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email:

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