Precipitates and re-Solutions

My tops of 2010 and new year’s resolution for 2011

Artist Singer
Katy Perry
While Britney Spears is on temporary leave, Katy Perry caught my attention.

TV Series
The Walking Dead
I love zombie apocalypse. No wonder I’m now hooked to US tv series. Cinematography is so real, it works like you are watching a movie.

Music album
Teenage Dream, Katy Perry
It goes with the above mentioned.

Medical Breakthrough
A new anti-retroviral drug equivalent to the famous Efavirenz. Greater efficacy and lesser side effect. Pending approval from FDA.

Movie actress
Amy Adams
I love her movie Leap year

Movie Actor
Ryan Reynolds
The reason why he left Scarlett… because of me. :))

Resident Evil: Afterlife
I’ve waited for so long just to see the 4th sequel of the franchise. I’m a big fan of the playstation game.

opened my mind to the online diary world.

Nikon D7000
sister of the one I am using.

Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
“Let you put your hands on me, in my skin tight jeans.. be your teenage dream tonight”

The difference of my initial and 2nd CD4 count. A big leap.

Boracay Island
Everybody loves this place.

For 2011

1. Prioritize my health. Be in good shape, eat well and improve medicine compliance
2. Extend my network of friends.
3. Choose my friends wisely, those who will give benefit of the doubt and can’t be influenced easily by others
4. Improve my English writing skills, grammar and thought organization to be exact.
5. Save money, which I doubt. But I will try
6. Lessen the effects of procrastination
7. Try not to be bitchy
8. Travel more
9. Do photo shoots like there’s no tomorrow, try to master portrait photography
10. Improve effective time management
11. Adapt and find ways to overcome Efavirenz side effects

Happy 2011 everyone! time to start a new phase,, πŸ™‚

Substitution Reaction

Substitution Reaction – One of the basic reactions in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.
Simply means, one functional or chemical group is replaced by another.

An illustration:

A—B + C = A—C + B

Remember the guy from this post – Here

He messaged me again in Facebook last week, it went to a long conversation and the sudden exchange of numbers.

We were chatting over the phone by means of SMS’s, it was like a get-to-know each other phase for us. As we chat along, I felt really awkward that as if he’s flirting with me. The way he addresses his questions and answers is somewhat like he’s into me. He wants something out of me. I began to wonder what is it. I had a speculation that they broke up and he wants companionship. I tried checking his Facebook account and yet, he’s still in a relationship.

Instead of thinking for unconfirmed reason why. I went assertive and asked for the reason of this sudden talk. He just answered, he’s sad and looking for someone to talk to.

Ok, fine.. maybe he does need some comfort or something. I just can’t get out of my head, whether if he is flirting with me and trying to substitute for his current boyfriend that is maybe on the rocks or what..

He even asked me to go on a coffee and movie date. Just the 2 of us. I’m totally clueless.

Hmm, I asked my friend regarding this situation and he said.. just go with flow. there’s nothing wrong with what you are doing.

Maybe my friend is right, ok then.. let us see where this tricky conversation will lead me.

I just hope, my instincts aren’t correct… Me, serving as a replacement. I don’t want any other issues or something. I’m not messing up. Maybe I need to spice up my positive life. πŸ™‚


The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Who doesn’t love Thermodynamics?

The Second Law of Thermodynamics is known as the Law of Increased Entropy.
Entropy – is the disorder of the particles when one substance is converted from phase to another (i.e Liquid to Gas). Sounds French? Basically, This Entropy is somewhat correlated to our disorder, confusion, complication and disturbance. “Kaguluhan” in Tagalog translation.

So, what does it have to do with this post?
The past months of 2010 was “Entropic”, I’m not sure if that’s the correct adjective form of such. Since it’s Christmas season, a time for forgiveness and peace..

Let me say my apologies to those who have I hurt. Physically and Emotionally.
It’s a nice feeling when you do this right? Not being specific, but to anyone who knows me.. You know who you are. No need to explain and no need to turn back time to the turmoils of the past. Moving forward.

And to those who have hurt me? Say sorry first, bitch. πŸ™‚ haha. lols FTW!

In 2011, I will try not to show Entropy, if not, lessen it out.

Happy Holidays mate!


Monster’s back

My past is hunting me. I don’t know why, maybe it’s a result of the small gay world.
Haunted by both ‘ex-es’, my ex boyfriend and an ex date which I was really hooked with.

Instance 1:
I met a new friend, a common friend. We were together for a while but I can say our status is like of an acquaintance. Not really that close. The company held its annual Christmas party, this friend of mine posted the photos in his Facebook, I’m not really a fan of Facebook, I mean, I just go online to check who added me, post some comments and ‘liking’ profiles… Basically that’s it. I don’t really mess up with other’s photo album or scrutinize one’s profile. I tried viewing my friend’s album and checked on the familiar faces. Since he’s also my officemate. At the end of the album, I saw a photo of my friend and my ex.. They work on the same department so no wonder why. But what caught my attention were the comments on the photo. It was clearly stated that this friend of mine has an ultimate crush on my ex. I felt bitter once more.. And I hate it, I don’t want this feeling. I admit, almost 4 years after our break, I think haven’t moved on yet. Well, I’m trying to..

Instance 2:
I met a guy from a not-so-pervert gay site. In all fairness, he is cute.. One of my type. Though he’s young.
He asked me to have a photo shoot and be my model. Alright, fine.. He seems to look good on camera so I said yes. I asked him to add me on Facebook so I could take a sneak peek of his photos. He’s definitely cute. Upon checking the rest of his album, I saw him and a familiar guy, my ex date. What a transformation! This ex date was like the same height as I did and was so thin that a surge of wind could fly him off.. And what now, he’s like hunk! Bulging biceps and chest. Going back, someone asked who this guy is, my friend said.. He’s my hubby. Alright, fine.. Another small world. Later this afternoon, he texted that he’s depressed and I asked why… He said, his boyfriend cheated on him blah blah blah. Hmmm, my ex date was bad pala.

This is just a thought. Not being emo or what.

Violent reactions are most entertained.


The Chemical Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist (tsait-gaist), in layman’s term.. The significant happenings over a specific period of time.

2010 was a bit aloof. Tremendous and laborious happenings occured.

Let my neurons do the counting…

My skin problem got worst, even the most broad spectrum antibiotics doesn’t seem to fit. 4 sets of different antibiotics were used but still, it went back.

My skin problem recurred, I decided to have checked to a specialist in Makati Medical Center. Met Dra. T.G, she then asked me for an HIV test.

2 weeks after the test, results came. Reactive, titer count of more than 600units. Most likely confirmatory test will tell it’s really positive.
1 week after, SACCL confirmed it. Positive for gp protein bands, I have both HIV 1 and 2 strains. Dra. G prepares me for RITM.

My first out of town, went trekking to Mt. Pinatubo. Photography skills were exercised. Met with P, the yoga boy, the moment I arrived Manila. (The first poz guy I met)

Met with R, a PGH staff, who is also positive. The first time we met was a surprise coz he’s with his other positive friends.
He then accompanied me to RITM and introduced to the friendly nurses ans doctors.
Bought my smart phone, made me more multi-tasker… With M.S Office installed and planner.

My 2nd out of town, Pahiyas Festival. Photography skills were once more at par.
Played volleyball every weekend with unknown friends.

attended RITM’s self-empowerment training, met several poz friends and met my date..

got a flu + h1n1 vaccination.
First take of ARV’s. Went 2nd line within first month. 1st line is not really tolerated.

another out of town with office mates, Laguna.
Ended my 1-month affair with Ma. He’s a crap!

Went to Boracay, photography skills weree once again, execised.

My atm card is nowhere to be found. Got lost out of nowhere.
Did a pageant photo shoot and met new friends and my crush.
My bestfriends betrayed me.

out of town, Tagaytay.
Bought a lens for my dslr.
13th month pay.

My CD4 jumped from 282 to 610 units. That’s a lot! How generous my body is. Thank God!
I asked my other doctor from Makati Medical Center, She said.. This could be possible, maybe my immune system recovered fast. Thanks! πŸ™‚

Who knows what will happen next. 7 days before Christmas, 14 days before the year ends.

I’m just doing what a blogger is supposed to do. To let hidden emotions come out. No pun intentions.

Common denominator this year – Me, being diagnosed as HIV +
Don’t be mislead. I’m still a nice guy. πŸ™‚


2nd CD4 Count

I missed RITM

It was roughly 3-4 months since I last visited the institute. This morning I went there to have my 2nd cd4 count, cbc and refill of meds.

Couple of nights ago, shocking news stumbled upon telling G passed away. Really weakening one, G was my first friend alongside R in RITM. I know he’s happy now. He will guide us as what he did before.

Tuesday. To my excitement, I woke up at around 7am. Straight from the bed, no 5-more-minutes syndrome. Call time was 9am. I live nearby so it’s not really a hassle. I arrived in Alabang around 750am and decided to fulfill my Jolibee craving. Had myself a burger steak and an ice cold root beer. Landed my feet in the OPD clinic and did my stuffs.

Familiar faces were expected. Particularly this guy, ever since the G4M and Planetromeo began.. I think around 2007 or so, he’s always been insistent in inviting me over to his place. Of course, to do sex. Let’s call him A. I asked Ate Ana when he was diagnosed, she said 2009. So, he already knew that time that he is positive and yet still invites me to have sex. Though I chose not to. Hmm, positive din pala to! Tsk.

I saw my ex-crush, Ja. He’s still cute and his body’s built were smaller than the last time I saw him. We did have a catch up and make kwento and everything. He hasn’t changed. Still sensible to talk to.

I had a chance to meet a fellow poz whom I met in the blog world. He first sent a message through my blog email, exchanged numbers and several messages then we finally met in the lounge. I was shy so it took some time for me to finally talk to him; he is too quiet so there was stil the awkwardness. Eventually, I think things went into place and we had lunch together and went to Ayala together.

415pm, as what Ate Ana said. Remind her thru text for the CD4 result. I sent the reminder and several minutes later she replied..

‘hindi na release result.’

Plain and simple. So i set my mind to know the result the next morning. I was getting anxious as the day comes to an end coz I really wanna know my cd4 score.

Around late dinner time, 9pm. A surprise message was received. It was from Ate Ana, she now got my score.

From 282 last March/April, my cd4 count is now…


That’s 328 more! I can’t believe it, I asked Ate Ana, not just to double check it, but to triple check my score. She said, yes. 610.

Wow. Amazing.
I’m happy with it. Nice Christmas gift.

Lost Chance

December, World AIDS day and Grammy Nomination Concert. The most awaited events for the month.

Remember, the guy I had a crush with? I think I let it pass… The conversation a while back lead to a conclusion that this might go to nowhere. Well, it’s not his priority. I understand. Still, He doesn’t know my feelings for him. I’ll leave it that way. Though I had a chance to kiss him from a Truth or Dare challenge. Maybe that’s enough. No hard feelings. Good thing no expectations was set on my side. Sometimes, being logical is better than letting my emotional hunger conquer my precious mind.

By the way, I find some posts too hypocrite.. hush hush! me and my big mouth. πŸ™‚