2nd CD4 Count

I missed RITM

It was roughly 3-4 months since I last visited the institute. This morning I went there to have my 2nd cd4 count, cbc and refill of meds.

Couple of nights ago, shocking news stumbled upon telling G passed away. Really weakening one, G was my first friend alongside R in RITM. I know he’s happy now. He will guide us as what he did before.

Tuesday. To my excitement, I woke up at around 7am. Straight from the bed, no 5-more-minutes syndrome. Call time was 9am. I live nearby so it’s not really a hassle. I arrived in Alabang around 750am and decided to fulfill my Jolibee craving. Had myself a burger steak and an ice cold root beer. Landed my feet in the OPD clinic and did my stuffs.

Familiar faces were expected. Particularly this guy, ever since the G4M and Planetromeo began.. I think around 2007 or so, he’s always been insistent in inviting me over to his place. Of course, to do sex. Let’s call him A. I asked Ate Ana when he was diagnosed, she said 2009. So, he already knew that time that he is positive and yet still invites me to have sex. Though I chose not to. Hmm, positive din pala to! Tsk.

I saw my ex-crush, Ja. He’s still cute and his body’s built were smaller than the last time I saw him. We did have a catch up and make kwento and everything. He hasn’t changed. Still sensible to talk to.

I had a chance to meet a fellow poz whom I met in the blog world. He first sent a message through my blog email, exchanged numbers and several messages then we finally met in the lounge. I was shy so it took some time for me to finally talk to him; he is too quiet so there was stil the awkwardness. Eventually, I think things went into place and we had lunch together and went to Ayala together.

415pm, as what Ate Ana said. Remind her thru text for the CD4 result. I sent the reminder and several minutes later she replied..

‘hindi na release result.’

Plain and simple. So i set my mind to know the result the next morning. I was getting anxious as the day comes to an end coz I really wanna know my cd4 score.

Around late dinner time, 9pm. A surprise message was received. It was from Ate Ana, she now got my score.

From 282 last March/April, my cd4 count is now…


Thatโ€™s 328 more! I can’t believe it, I asked Ate Ana, not just to double check it, but to triple check my score. She said, yes. 610.

Wow. Amazing.
I’m happy with it. Nice Christmas gift.

Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email: tetrahydroziline@gmail.com

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