The Chemical Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist (tsait-gaist), in layman’s term.. The significant happenings over a specific period of time.

2010 was a bit aloof. Tremendous and laborious happenings occured.

Let my neurons do the counting…

My skin problem got worst, even the most broad spectrum antibiotics doesn’t seem to fit. 4 sets of different antibiotics were used but still, it went back.

My skin problem recurred, I decided to have checked to a specialist in Makati Medical Center. Met Dra. T.G, she then asked me for an HIV test.

2 weeks after the test, results came. Reactive, titer count of more than 600units. Most likely confirmatory test will tell it’s really positive.
1 week after, SACCL confirmed it. Positive for gp protein bands, I have both HIV 1 and 2 strains. Dra. G prepares me for RITM.

My first out of town, went trekking to Mt. Pinatubo. Photography skills were exercised. Met with P, the yoga boy, the moment I arrived Manila. (The first poz guy I met)

Met with R, a PGH staff, who is also positive. The first time we met was a surprise coz he’s with his other positive friends.
He then accompanied me to RITM and introduced to the friendly nurses ans doctors.
Bought my smart phone, made me more multi-tasker… With M.S Office installed and planner.

My 2nd out of town, Pahiyas Festival. Photography skills were once more at par.
Played volleyball every weekend with unknown friends.

attended RITM’s self-empowerment training, met several poz friends and met my date..

got a flu + h1n1 vaccination.
First take of ARV’s. Went 2nd line within first month. 1st line is not really tolerated.

another out of town with office mates, Laguna.
Ended my 1-month affair with Ma. He’s a crap!

Went to Boracay, photography skills weree once again, execised.

My atm card is nowhere to be found. Got lost out of nowhere.
Did a pageant photo shoot and met new friends and my crush.
My bestfriends betrayed me.

out of town, Tagaytay.
Bought a lens for my dslr.
13th month pay.

My CD4 jumped from 282 to 610 units. That’s a lot! How generous my body is. Thank God!
I asked my other doctor from Makati Medical Center, She said.. This could be possible, maybe my immune system recovered fast. Thanks! šŸ™‚

Who knows what will happen next. 7 days before Christmas, 14 days before the year ends.

I’m just doing what a blogger is supposed to do. To let hidden emotions come out. No pun intentions.

Common denominator this year – Me, being diagnosed as HIV +
Don’t be mislead. I’m still a nice guy. šŸ™‚



Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email:

9 thoughts on “The Chemical Zeitgeist”

  1. Be grateful for each day and hope for the better this coming year! Body's getting back on track, why not let the mind and outlook follow. Happy Holidays and stay well! šŸ™‚

  2. Hi! I'm also a poz, just wondering what was your skin problem that triggered you to take the HIV test?

    I guess my case is the same as yours, I've consulted a lot of doctors but they often tell me it's just an allergy or some sort of severe allergy attack.

    I know it's something more serious than that, hence, took the test last Jan. 6. I turned out HIV positive. I got my confirmatory result a month after.

    Could you help me pls re: the best treatment hub so I'll be able to know why I suddenly developed allergy to food/meds.

    Thanks a lot!


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