Monster’s back

My past is hunting me. I don’t know why, maybe it’s a result of the small gay world.
Haunted by both ‘ex-es’, my ex boyfriend and an ex date which I was really hooked with.

Instance 1:
I met a new friend, a common friend. We were together for a while but I can say our status is like of an acquaintance. Not really that close. The company held its annual Christmas party, this friend of mine posted the photos in his Facebook, I’m not really a fan of Facebook, I mean, I just go online to check who added me, post some comments and ‘liking’ profiles… Basically that’s it. I don’t really mess up with other’s photo album or scrutinize one’s profile. I tried viewing my friend’s album and checked on the familiar faces. Since he’s also my officemate. At the end of the album, I saw a photo of my friend and my ex.. They work on the same department so no wonder why. But what caught my attention were the comments on the photo. It was clearly stated that this friend of mine has an ultimate crush on my ex. I felt bitter once more.. And I hate it, I don’t want this feeling. I admit, almost 4 years after our break, I think haven’t moved on yet. Well, I’m trying to..

Instance 2:
I met a guy from a not-so-pervert gay site. In all fairness, he is cute.. One of my type. Though he’s young.
He asked me to have a photo shoot and be my model. Alright, fine.. He seems to look good on camera so I said yes. I asked him to add me on Facebook so I could take a sneak peek of his photos. He’s definitely cute. Upon checking the rest of his album, I saw him and a familiar guy, my ex date. What a transformation! This ex date was like the same height as I did and was so thin that a surge of wind could fly him off.. And what now, he’s like hunk! Bulging biceps and chest. Going back, someone asked who this guy is, my friend said.. He’s my hubby. Alright, fine.. Another small world. Later this afternoon, he texted that he’s depressed and I asked why… He said, his boyfriend cheated on him blah blah blah. Hmmm, my ex date was bad pala.

This is just a thought. Not being emo or what.

Violent reactions are most entertained.