The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Who doesn’t love Thermodynamics?

The Second Law of Thermodynamics is known as the Law of Increased Entropy.
Entropy – is the disorder of the particles when one substance is converted from phase to another (i.e Liquid to Gas). Sounds French? Basically, This Entropy is somewhat correlated to our disorder, confusion, complication and disturbance. “Kaguluhan” in Tagalog translation.

So, what does it have to do with this post?
The past months of 2010 was “Entropic”, I’m not sure if that’s the correct adjective form of such. Since it’s Christmas season, a time for forgiveness and peace..

Let me say my apologies to those who have I hurt. Physically and Emotionally.
It’s a nice feeling when you do this right? Not being specific, but to anyone who knows me.. You know who you are. No need to explain and no need to turn back time to the turmoils of the past. Moving forward.

And to those who have hurt me? Say sorry first, bitch. 🙂 haha. lols FTW!

In 2011, I will try not to show Entropy, if not, lessen it out.

Happy Holidays mate!