Substitution Reaction

Substitution Reaction – One of the basic reactions in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.
Simply means, one functional or chemical group is replaced by another.

An illustration:

A—B + C = A—C + B

Remember the guy from this post – Here

He messaged me again in Facebook last week, it went to a long conversation and the sudden exchange of numbers.

We were chatting over the phone by means of SMS’s, it was like a get-to-know each other phase for us. As we chat along, I felt really awkward that as if he’s flirting with me. The way he addresses his questions and answers is somewhat like he’s into me. He wants something out of me. I began to wonder what is it. I had a speculation that they broke up and he wants companionship. I tried checking his Facebook account and yet, he’s still in a relationship.

Instead of thinking for unconfirmed reason why. I went assertive and asked for the reason of this sudden talk. He just answered, he’s sad and looking for someone to talk to.

Ok, fine.. maybe he does need some comfort or something. I just can’t get out of my head, whether if he is flirting with me and trying to substitute for his current boyfriend that is maybe on the rocks or what..

He even asked me to go on a coffee and movie date. Just the 2 of us. I’m totally clueless.

Hmm, I asked my friend regarding this situation and he said.. just go with flow. there’s nothing wrong with what you are doing.

Maybe my friend is right, ok then.. let us see where this tricky conversation will lead me.

I just hope, my instincts aren’t correct… Me, serving as a replacement. I don’t want any other issues or something. I’m not messing up. Maybe I need to spice up my positive life. 🙂


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