Precipitates and re-Solutions

My tops of 2010 and new year’s resolution for 2011

Artist Singer
Katy Perry
While Britney Spears is on temporary leave, Katy Perry caught my attention.

TV Series
The Walking Dead
I love zombie apocalypse. No wonder I’m now hooked to US tv series. Cinematography is so real, it works like you are watching a movie.

Music album
Teenage Dream, Katy Perry
It goes with the above mentioned.

Medical Breakthrough
A new anti-retroviral drug equivalent to the famous Efavirenz. Greater efficacy and lesser side effect. Pending approval from FDA.

Movie actress
Amy Adams
I love her movie Leap year

Movie Actor
Ryan Reynolds
The reason why he left Scarlett… because of me. :))

Resident Evil: Afterlife
I’ve waited for so long just to see the 4th sequel of the franchise. I’m a big fan of the playstation game.

opened my mind to the online diary world.

Nikon D7000
sister of the one I am using.

Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
“Let you put your hands on me, in my skin tight jeans.. be your teenage dream tonight”

The difference of my initial and 2nd CD4 count. A big leap.

Boracay Island
Everybody loves this place.

For 2011

1. Prioritize my health. Be in good shape, eat well and improve medicine compliance
2. Extend my network of friends.
3. Choose my friends wisely, those who will give benefit of the doubt and can’t be influenced easily by others
4. Improve my English writing skills, grammar and thought organization to be exact.
5. Save money, which I doubt. But I will try
6. Lessen the effects of procrastination
7. Try not to be bitchy
8. Travel more
9. Do photo shoots like there’s no tomorrow, try to master portrait photography
10. Improve effective time management
11. Adapt and find ways to overcome Efavirenz side effects

Happy 2011 everyone! time to start a new phase,, 🙂


Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email:

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