Plain Trigonometry

Of course it should have been PLANE TRIGONOMETRY.

Holiday is over. Tomorrow, Monday, is the start of plain reality. Work for some and school for others. Back to the usual routines of everyday life. I’m already missing the Christmas season.

New Year means new start. I tried changing my blog’s template. Made it more plain and simple. I think, the simpler, the better. Plain White makes an appeal, it feels clean and rejuvenated. I also changed my avatar. That’s me, of course, censored and edited to hide the true identity. I used a photo that was never been uploaded to any other site.

Remember the guy from this post, again?Here

I think he’s getting serious. I’m still confused on what he wants to achieve. He is still consistent meeting me, even sending some lunch for me to munch in the office and even asks me to go out of town. I went straight forward and asked him, “what’s your status of your bf?” Steady lang. He said. So this means that they’re still in a relationship. My instincts got on its toes when the clock was about to strike 12mn of 2011, he said… “can I tell you something?” I asked what, then he said.. “I want it to tell you personally”. Hmmm, my instincts are as accurate as the Western Blot test, maybe he wants to tell me that he likes me or something similar. The question is, What will happen to his current boyfriend? Yes, he’s my crush but it doesn’t mean that I will push through with this since I think this is quite unethical. I feel like I am in the middle of a right triangle. The guy is side A, his boyfriend is side B and I’m the Hypotenuse. This is getting complicated. But I am leaning towards of not pushing this.

2 things:
First, he’s still in a relationship. Second, He doesn’t want guys with “diseases”. I just learned this the other night while we were going home. He said that he doesn’t like or prefer guys with disease specifically, HIV. So, why would engage myself to something that I know in the end I will be rejected? Right? Anyway. I’m leaning towards of not going through this. Like 90% chance of not doing it.

When you think of a guy consistently, does it mean that you have a crush on him?
Makes sense?
I mean, when his face and the activities you did (wholesome) is prominent to your imagination, you always think of him… Does it mean you have a crush on him?
Is so, I think I have one… I can’t really describe him now since I know he reads my blog. I met him recently, again, and talked about things and some of his personal stuffs. He’s a fellow poz by the way. He’s really sensible, he talks a lot though the first minutes of our meet up was like hell in silence. He looks and smells good too. I don’t know why am I feeling this. I just don’t wanna suppress my thoughts. I don’t want to inverse everything like Secant and Cosecant, Tangent and Cotangent, Sine and Cosine.

I’m still looking forward to meet him.



Author: The Chemistry Guy

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