I heard over the news about this guy who tested HIV + sa San Lazaro Hospital last 1998. This guy then had another screening test both at SLH and RITM and now tested negative. Here: LINK
What happened? Yeah, he’s right it could be a switch in the blood samples.. non-calibrated machines and reagents. But who knows. Disregarding the results, this guy already suffered from the burden of being reactive. 
Nowadays, it said to believe that 99% of the screening tests are accurate.. So it means that this could be the 1%?
I know there’s this celebrity who said, “Don’t always trust those men wearing white scrub suits” I think that was Kylie Minogue when she was diagnosed with cancer. 
Having Second opinions really matter. But what I am puzzled with is the confirmatory test. As far as I know both ELISA and Western Blot tests are the gold standard of protein analysis. 
The good side of this, at least there’s a big relief on his part. Magpapa-party talaga ako! 🙂

Intellectual Question

 a comment from a reader which I decided to post my answer. It’s a very good and intellectual question kasi…
Here’s the comment/question:
Eric said…

 @ chemistry guy- out of topic- medyo now ko lang nababasa ang majority ng blog mo and other poz blog, my question is —– How come the poz guys seem to know each other ( and i don`t mean knowing each other coz they are going to the same treatment hub )??? I mean from infection control point of view, is it because the source of infection are a few same guys??? also parang meron pa na 2 poz guys in the same office ??? medyo alarming ito, do people from ritm aware of this ? are they doing tracking of the poz guys partners??? kasi important ito from epidemiologic standpoint

you can answer me via email-

Sunday, February 27, 2011 1:16:00 PM GMT+08:00
Here’s my answer.. It’s opinionated ok? of course I’m still open to AFI’s :))

Speaking for myself.
Gay world is so small. A constricted space. Idagdag mo pa ang world of Internet. Which makes it a can of sardines. 

Most of poz guys, nagkakakilala sa blog world, sa treatment hub and other websites. It’s their means of searching for companionship since we all know, for sure, that others will have a hard time understanding our situation. The best way for it is to look for someone na kapareho ng sero-status mo. Simple as that. 

Regarding epidemiology. The role of RITM is provide treatment for those poz. They also track statistical values for record purposes. If you are thinking na baka nagkakalat lang ng virus, it’s up to the person whether if he’s responsible or not. Which is alarming nga. I stand to that. May mga kilala akong ganyan. 


I think this is the reality. There’s no way but up, HIV infections will surely increase. The only thing health institutions, Government and us, the general population , is to slow the infection rate. There’s no known vaccine or cure yet. I don’t know, maybe meron na pero tinatago lang ng mga Pharmaceutical giants so they can still earn billions sa mga ARV’s nila. Sad to know, hear and say. But others are doing crazy things. Still keeping the plague at its fastest rate. Sounds cliche, just like the zombie or any post apocalyptic movies. Fingers crossed, maybe 10 years from now maging ok na din lahat.

Nice to know you Eric! Sorry kung pinost ko ha..



Time flies so fast. It’s already a year since I was diagnosed. Hindi ko naramdaman and I can’t even remember the date!
I remember the time when I was going back and forth sa Makati Medical Center. Baon ko lang was confidence, my handy dandy ipod and prescription pads. The scar remains, literally. Hindi tuloy ako makapag shorts. Sayang summer pa naman. 
I read sa isang newspaper that PH is granted again by Global Fund another cycle of monetary funds, now I’m confused. So bakit Phil Health na mag cover ng mga expenses and why Azithromycin is no longer free? I have this friend who is under Azithromycin prophylaxis, ang baba kasi ng cd4 count nya, the usual free med sa isang treatment hub is no longer offered free? knowing Azithromycin is an expensive drug.. like P250 ata per tab and you need to take it everyday till your cd4 shoot up. So doing math, 30 days x 250/tab = 7500 estimate. Wow! that is pretty expensive! parang sweldo na for others… Ako nanghihinayang sa friend ko, I feel the burden. The thing is ang laki pa ng bubunuin nya for his cd4. 2-digit cd4 would mean years para tumaas. 
Here’s the link, can’t locate the archive of Philippine Daily Inquirer but this might help.. LINK    
I went to see a movie over the weekend. As usual, I did it alone. Wala naman kasi mainvite., may maiinvite ka nga pero ang garapal naman ng attitude para magpalibre. Nakaka turn off yung ganun. You will feel regret pag hindi bukas sa loob mo man libre. Pero if it comes from within talaga, it will naturally come. Kaya ako na lang.   Nowadays, it feels awkward if you’re alone.. I think hindi na ko sanay. Especially if may makakasalubong kang group of friends or mag-jowa. I’ve seen an article over Google on how to avoid being a loner, one is have something with you that will keep you busy like ipod, psp or similar stuff. Yeah it works din naman.. but not all the times. Minsan kasi nakakasawa na yung paulit ulit na songs and you look stupid dancing in the air if you hear the bass beat or imagining the music video ng song mo. 
Come what may next time. 🙂

Condoms that require PRESCRIPTION

My golly!
Who the heck have done this ordinance?
 Here’s the link – Condoms (click on a new window)
This is the most stupid thing I heard for this day. Matutulog na lang ako tapos isang malaking katangahan pa malalaman mo. The guys who voted for this ordinance should be the one learning sex education. 
Yeah alright, Philippines is the 4th largest Roman Catholic country. But with the economic condition and alarming STD/HIV prevalence rate, this ordinance should be left behind. 
In time, STD/HIV infection rates will go high, unwanted pregnancies will also be higher. Population will soar to the highest level. Think of long term man! 
Ako nga nahihiya na bumili ng condom sa 7-11, sa Mercury Drug or kung san tapos they will add another hindrance of getting the needed protection kasi hihingi ka pa ng prescription? Well, I can buy condoms and jellies pero I need to shop sa Watson’s. As in shopping.. isasabay ko sa mga sabon, shampoo, shaver, toothpaste, candies and etc para hindi naman mahalata pag nasa counter na.
Naiimagine ko an scenario, well I don’t live sa Ayala Alabang but pinakita lang nila how irrational and senseless they are. 
Hay nako, good luck sakanila. Nagpapa apekto ako masyado. The downfall is theirs to take. Sila din mag suffer. Alabang will soon be a concentrated area of people infected with STD/HIV, high pregnancy rates and most populous place in the Metro. 
Make up your mind, JUST THINK OF LONG TERM.

Random Thoughts

Been quite a while. I think my katamaran is acting up again, very limited na yung space na iniikutan since all I want to do is to sleep, and sleep, and sleep..
So what’s new? Some friends, I met a new pozzie and he’s asking me to accompany him to RITM.

I got a new pet. A source of Toxoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis.
I had an out of town and it was a challenge for me whether to take Efavirenz or not. Well, it is known that it will make you groggy and so dizzy that you need to lay your back off and sleep all the way to 10 hours.
I did take the medicine and to my surprise, I just felt a low kick. Actually, nakalimutan ko uminon ng EFV last night and I just had one this lunch time.. May pasok pa ko mamayang hapon, sana lang hindi ako mahilo sa daan. Challenge nanamn ito.
Speaking of out of towns, Sayang.. sana pumunta pala ako sa Panagbenga Festival. I haven’t been there and I wanna try the festival kahit isang beses lang. I love Baguio and because of this… I plan to go there by March. Who’s with me? Just me perhaps.. ako lang. Let’s hope that it will be a good trip.
The TV is on a  koreanovela show.. How hot those korean actors. They’re near perfectionism. How I wish I have a partner like those.
I have a poz friend, hindi na sya nagtetext.. which makes me wonder why. I don’t have any updates with him and it was last month since we last texted. All I know now is he’s still trying to move on from his break up from a magnetic relationship. I think i just have to let him go na lang.. maybe he doesn’t want to talk anymore. Crush ko pa naman sya. 🙂
Every gay now is like celebrating from the new singles from the gay icons of the pop world. Britney and Gaga.
I’m so really hooked with their new songs. Everyday, it’s just their 2 songs that play around my iPod. You might wanna try listening to it. Very contrasting songs… One is more about pick up lines and partying and the other is like self-esteem enhancement.
I’m losing my shape! Getting fatter than before. I need to hit the gym or perhaps just jog run around the village to redeem physique. Sayang naman ng height ko.
It’s 1:11pm na. Need to prepare for work.
See you in a while.