Extra Service

Over the weekend, I had a massage.. A free one. I did an xdeal photo shoot for a newly emerged spa, as a payment, they gave a complimentary massage. 
Therapists were all male. 2 of them I get to notice immediately. One Jay Manalo type and one Yul Servo. Both hunky, very manly and straight… I suppose. 
Shoot was done at about 10pm or so.. Shooting interiors and more than a handful of guys is really tiring, so I took a rest for a couple of hours. The owner then offered the free massage. Why not, right?
I took it and of course chose the best guy according to my taste, I chose Mr. Yul Servo-look-alike, He was dark, almost skin head and hunky. A definite type. 
Massage and over kill chit chat went to an interesting offer. An Extra service. 
Hello, that was my first time to encounter such.. I usually go to professional massage areas like the ones located in the mall or tourist spots and not to this kind. 
I expected it though. Him, offering the extra service. Who am I to resist? I wanna try it, its my first time, he’s hot and room was dark.. 
Not really the hardcore thing you have in mind. Just the hand jobs and other ones.. You know what I mean.
No “go inside” jobs. Still a responsible citizen of not spreading unwanted viruses. 
We were done and he said, “Sir, dito niyo na lang po ibigay yung bayad?” 
To my mind, fuck… “sabi na magpapabayad to” Hello, first timer here…
I gave him 200 bucks, that’s the only change I got in my wallet. The rest were 500’s and 1000’s. Of course I don’t wanna give those! I can get a hot encounter free… He rebutted, “500 na lang sir!”
Arrgh! Assertiveness failed, I gave 500 and ask to give me change. He returned with 100 bucks. 
To my mind, 400 bucks for that crap eh.. not really a good deal, my heart was pounding like hell. That’s 400! I can do so many things with 400 bucks!
Time to go home since it already 2am and I haven’t taken my ARV’s. My schedule is at 12am. 2 hours delayed. 
Owner accompanied me to get a cab, there was an opportunity to make sumbong! I spilled what happened..
Huh, payback time!
Lesson learned. Just be more assertive. I’ll NEVER and EVER do that extra service again. A complete waste of money dear. 
He was hot though.

Small World after all

Another story that makes the world smaller. 
Going straight to the point…
I saw my ex’s Facebook, he greeted his brother for an achievement .. I assumed they are brothers since they look alike and they have the same last name, for obvious reasons. I checked out Brother’s Facebook revealing a common friend. A gay poz friend. 
Hmmm, my mind started to rumble and hurriedly texted my Friend and ask how is he related to Brother. Friend said, that Brother is having a crush on him. 
So mean to say, Brother is also gay, just like his Brother – My Ex. I now wonder if they know each other’s identity..
Does this blog makes sense? I mean how characters were enunciated? 

One from Rango

I watched the movie Rango the other week.. it was good. A mature tandem of animation and sensibility.
A line was rebutted.
You have to believe in something that will make tomorrow better than today
They’re right. Been contemplating on this since the day one. We need to hold on something that will keep our feet moving and do the right things.
Ah! There was already an improvement on my attendance. Last month, I incurred around 8-10 tardiness… even more. Month to date, I have none! though I always come to office at the very exact minute of our shift. I always tick in like XX:59, a minute before the work starts. At least, I’m not late..
Now, I just need to find that something that will make my tomorrow better than today. Yeah, there are bills to pay, things to buy and stuff.. so far these things keep me hanging on the cliff. Pretty good thing.
I think I want a BMW sedan, or a good bachelor’s pad, an HDTV with PS3. hmmm.. I’m getting too materialistic.
Until now, I can’t get him out of my head.. The Pillow Guy. I fell in love just for 6 hours. Good thing I had the chance to sneak-take a photo of him 🙂

The Pillow Guy

I just got home from a cool climate vacation. Take note, a lone vacation. Just me. 
Not much to talk about my stay. The highlight of it was on the way home.
I went to the bus terminal to buy some tickets, counter is on the second floor, which is a weird thing, terminal is on the ground. I went to the waiting area to fix my stuff when suddenly this guy showed up.
The perfect guy. So handsome and cute. Ok no big deal, that place was already infested with Koreans. Cute Koreans. These guys are my weakness…
He’s the type of the Koreanovela guy, only a bit buffed.
My seat was 10 and to my surprise, his was 9! 
He asked me where’s seat 9. That was the first contact between us. The entire trip was really “kilig”. The best 6 hours of my life… So far.
The only problem.. He was too concentrated watching movies on his iPhone 4.
Rubbing elbows and waists were enough. I don’t have the courage to ask his name or even start a conversation. He’s Chinese anyway. 
2nd contact was when his neck pillow, I don’t know how you call it, but the round pillow that you place around your neck was left on the upper compartment. When I was about to get my things, I saw it and asked him “Hey, I think this is yours”. Kilig again…
I hope to bump with him again anytime soon. Where ever he may be, He’s the Pillow Guy.
Tinamaan ako. 
I’ll never forget that 6 hours trip. 

The Surrogate

It all started during this hefty lunch break with officemates.

We are known to be open with each other, open in a sense that almost every story of our lives. Well, of course, not my status.

They have asked,

When do you plan to get married?

I don’t have any plans.. like marry a girl

Why?, you are the only son.. how will you pass on your genes?

I just dont have any plans.. i dont feel like fucking nor licking a pussy.

Hahaha, then why not get a surrogate? Do artificial insemination. That way you can pass on your dna without getting eeww.

For a split second, like 1,000th of a second , at the back of my mind…. Yeah, maybe but still I can’t.

Thinking now, Yeah… I’m the only son, got no sisters no brothers.. not really an extended family. Then what will happen in the near future? All alone.
I don’t wanna stress myself on it too much. But I guess I have to prepare.

Today was a fairytale

Room with few people. There’s this one cute guy that caught my attention. Not really a crush but an apple for my eyes.
Nice eyes, nice facial features and I think great personality. Been secretly eying him for several weeks and months. Today he asked for my name, introduced himself and did the shaking of hands.
“Hi. My name is J. What’s yours? …

“I haven’t seen you for a while”

“Got measles and bronchitis”

“You ok now?”

“Yup! How are you?”

As time was about to end…

“See you next Wednesday…”
Goosebumps and distraction came into place. His friend, a girl, arrived and conversation was broken. 
Still, enough to make the day. Was this the effect of watching The Adjustment Bureau? 2 days left before we totally part ways. I just keep on thinking, rewinding back, what happened..

Dead Air

Seems a dead air season for me eh.
I just read a blog about this poz guy disclosing his sero-status to his best friend, it was a small and short entry and it really touched my emotional stacks. It really feels good when there’s always someone to watch your back.
I used to have 2 back then when my status wasn’t yet disclosed. Skipping the cheesy parts, everything changed when I got this condition. Now, pretty much I can say… I don’t have a best friend (anymore).
It really kills you when you don’t have someone to share the world right? No one to talk to, no one to share triumphs and falls. 
Today is Sunday. Local time. Sunday is known to be the slowest day of the week. My phone’s not ringing, got no new mails, no IM’s and no everything. No one’s trying to ask how am I doing. It doesn’t feel good. 
Yesterday I saw my ex again and it rubbed my mood swing more. 
Am no longer used to this. so far, my best friends are just reach away, laptop + internet + itunes + ipod. I have a pet cat, but it’s doing no good. She always sleeps and I can’t even find her. I’m also OC contacting Toxoplasmosis or Crypto diseases so I don’t play with her that much.
Depression has hit me. Better munch on my favorite chocolate malt balls and see the limelight of what’s happening with me right now.