Superordinate Love

Summer season and it’s raining like cats and dogs. Global warning is really happening.
As of now, I am watching James Franco’s 127 Hours, still starting out and the movie has not caught my attention yet so why not do another blog entry.
A friend of mine told me a story of his caught up “encounter”. He was on his way home when this guy who rode the same bus sat beside him and made this moves. The guy introduced to my friend using his mobile phone, surely a discreet way of making guy-to-guy friendship. Not really sure what was the detailed story about but going staight, they went to my friend’s place and had sex. 
The thing was, my friend lives under the same roof with his boyfriend. I know both of them and they are indeed nice. 
Boyfriend saw them. Yeah. Alright, confrontations were made and all fights were done. The weird thing is, they still live together, act normal and as if nothing happened? I am not sure the reason for this, maybe their superordinate goal which is to love one another or what. 
Trust will now be on top of everything now. What will happen if someone you love betrayed you? You’re living under one roof. Been together for the longest time.
It’s not really the first time I heard this. I have, what, like 4-5 similar stories.. but this one’s different. The other 3 broke up immediately, throwing the clothes, raising the roof and all that scandalous shit. If this was to happen to me? Probably I would do the same thing. An uncontrollable outburst of emotions. Mixed anger, hatred and betrayal. 
This is a major drawback in doing such “under-the-same-roof” relationships. Having a conjugal place to live in. The propensity of temptation is very high. Better to have my own place instead.
I remember Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s dialogue on their Telephone video . Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it once it’s broken. But you can still see crack on the reflection. 
Is it still advisable to do so? Maybe not. It’s too risky.
Am just speaking for myself alright. Just don’t hold it against me. 🙂
Movie is half way done. 
I can say 7.5/10 so far. Not really for a best actor performance.
Need to take care of my hands from now on.