The Surrogate

It all started during this hefty lunch break with officemates.

We are known to be open with each other, open in a sense that almost every story of our lives. Well, of course, not my status.

They have asked,

When do you plan to get married?

I don’t have any plans.. like marry a girl

Why?, you are the only son.. how will you pass on your genes?

I just dont have any plans.. i dont feel like fucking nor licking a pussy.

Hahaha, then why not get a surrogate? Do artificial insemination. That way you can pass on your dna without getting eeww.

For a split second, like 1,000th of a second , at the back of my mind…. Yeah, maybe but still I can’t.

Thinking now, Yeah… I’m the only son, got no sisters no brothers.. not really an extended family. Then what will happen in the near future? All alone.
I don’t wanna stress myself on it too much. But I guess I have to prepare.