One from Rango

I watched the movie Rango the other week.. it was good. A mature tandem of animation and sensibility.
A line was rebutted.
You have to believe in something that will make tomorrow better than today
They’re right. Been contemplating on this since the day one. We need to hold on something that will keep our feet moving and do the right things.
Ah! There was already an improvement on my attendance. Last month, I incurred around 8-10 tardiness… even more. Month to date, I have none! though I always come to office at the very exact minute of our shift. I always tick in like XX:59, a minute before the work starts. At least, I’m not late..
Now, I just need to find that something that will make my tomorrow better than today. Yeah, there are bills to pay, things to buy and stuff.. so far these things keep me hanging on the cliff. Pretty good thing.
I think I want a BMW sedan, or a good bachelor’s pad, an HDTV with PS3. hmmm.. I’m getting too materialistic.
Until now, I can’t get him out of my head.. The Pillow Guy. I fell in love just for 6 hours. Good thing I had the chance to sneak-take a photo of him 🙂

Author: The Chemistry Guy

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