Scheduled eye candies

Now I’m transferred to a “Makati-City” feeling world. Situated along the ever busy Ayala Ave., there’s too much to look for.. well, me being an observant person, there’s a lot to offer.
Every 15-minute break, which happens to be at around 5pm, we go downstairs to have our favorite turon.
Beside our building is home of a world famous fitness center. Obviously, FITNESS center. Every 5pm, seems to be the same break time of fellow gym instructors, I’m not sure if they have breaks which I doubt, but they always come in bundles every 5pm. Gawd! lots of eye candies… Savoring over the long, warm and sweet turon comes in with the hotties from upstrairs. 🙂
Disclaimer: I’m just observant, ok? I just know how to appreciate. lol