Idiom: "Under"

Another discovery led me to a shock…
I have this photography sharing site and someone added me, like 2 years ago. He’s hot, model type of guy, great body and really cute. He was my crush from then on.
I was with a close poz friend and sat beside him while he was browsing his Facebook. Come to my surprise, that hot guy has another account. Maybe his real one. And he was now the center of conversation and now.. He’s also poz. Wow. Cases are really now increasing tremendously. I can’t them. World just keeps going smaller and smaller. 
Now I wonder, is he “under” or what?
“under” – you know what I mean… 
I hope he’s nicer now. 

Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email:

5 thoughts on “Idiom: "Under"”

  1. its really worrisome this increasing incidence of HIV, why??? dont they know where to buy condom??? in the US the trend is declining or steady and gay guys , most of them anyways use condom

    chemistry guy, since you are familiar with the circle/people , i mean the gay community, why do you think this is happening?? the increasing trend of hiv?? is there like a common source of infection??

  2. when i learned that a friend of mine tested positive, that's the only time i realized that AIDS has become really serious in our country. it's sad that our country belongs to a few where trend is still increasing and much worse learning some people you know getting it. =(

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