This is plain Bullcrap

Not intended for the Holy Week. I just need to let this burst out. I’m so pissed off with this seemingly uneducated entity. I was just trying to be friendly, starting some small talks – which I don’t normally do. And what, being belittled with this MF! 
Hoy mas mahiya ka nga. You’re already 35 years old and act that way. Looking at his jargon, he seemed like a big, fat, dark, uneducated, pimple-prone, stinky creature. Pardon my French but I’m really really pissed off. For his identity’s sake.. let’s hide his uncreative username – I don’t wanna him to get famous at my expense. 
Check the conversation below.  
To my rage, I committed a grammatic error… Epic fail for my English rant. :))
He really seem uneducated, maybe I was wrong with my 2nd reply. But still, all my sentences ended with a period. That’s declarative bitch.