Blog Hopping

It seems that I’m going outside the box – that is, using my blog to read and comment on other non-HIV related bloggers. I don’t normally do this. Of course, for the sake of identity.

Concentrating on the fields of Photography and Travel. Wag lang sana matakot yung blog owners sakin.

10 more minutes and the clock will strike 3am. It’s mid day of the week ¬†and still I’m up this late. Just a late sleeper.
No one’s awake, no Facebook and Twitter notifications. Just me and my dandy laptop. So, as a form of entertainment – read blogs. Blog hopping.
Can’t stand to make some comments on those worthy posts but the thing is, using this account. Hmm… wonder where will this “risk” take me.
Gawd! EFV is on the peak effect – Can’t think of the words to type into.