Scheduled eye candies

Now I’m transferred to a “Makati-City” feeling world. Situated along the ever busy Ayala Ave., there’s too much to look for.. well, me being an observant person, there’s a lot to offer.
Every 15-minute break, which happens to be at around 5pm, we go downstairs to have our favorite turon.
Beside our building is home of a world famous fitness center. Obviously, FITNESS center. Every 5pm, seems to be the same break time of fellow gym instructors, I’m not sure if they have breaks which I doubt, but they always come in bundles every 5pm. Gawd! lots of eye candies… Savoring over the long, warm and sweet turon comes in with the hotties from upstrairs. 🙂
Disclaimer: I’m just observant, ok? I just know how to appreciate. lol

You wouldn’t know

I don’t wanna spoil it but here it goes. Can’t shut my mind.
Someone messaged my “another” account on a gay site. That is, my sero-converted status account.
He asked how am I doing and all that stuff. I checked his profile, which seem to be real since I always see this profile for the longest time, the guy looked very familiar. As in, very much over familiar.
We work under one roof and he’s one of my crush.
Alright, not really a big deal.
Then he asked if we can get to know more each other. Maybe he has this tactic of knowing my identity but when I asked why. He said – “We’re the same”

Tattooed Neck

Got a new crush.

We were transferred to a different site location. Same old place, where training was held but new and different faces.

A guy with a tattooed neck caught my attention. He’s hot. An ultimate twink though, but the virgin-looking face contrasted with the bad-boy tattoo on his neck makes a big impact.

Gotta get closer to check what’s the tattoo all about.