Movie glance: Priest 3D

Been waiting for the movie for the longest time. This movie was supposed to shown last 2010, but decided to postpone it to give way for Resident Evil: Afterlife. They then again postponed it to convert to 3D and postponed it again to May 2011 in time for summer audience.

I really love vampire movie settings. Well, not the cheesy ones like Robert Pattinson’s. The blood shed and gore type of movie.

Full of expectations, The movie was a bit disappointing.

Fight scenes were good but of small quantity. Can easily anticipate the storyline. I guess a possible sequel.

A must see fight scene was the Rope Dart with Maggie Q.

It’s a so-so movie. Not really worth the 3D pay. Just try to see it on 2D or the normal screen.


Author: The Chemistry Guy

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2 thoughts on “Movie glance: Priest 3D”

  1. After watching the movie, I kinda avoided bashing it because I didn't want to sound like saying “See, told you.” Hahaha. But I loved seeing Maggie Q onscreen anyways. I really love girls being aggressive…hahaha…since it was just converted into 3D the scenes were not shot to be showcased in 3D hence the poor 3D quality. There wasn't much gore really. But I love that it bashed the church. LOL. It's appropriate for the RH Bill campaign, it's like telling hey CHURCH, TAKE THAT…you don't have the monopolies on TRUTH!!! I love rebel characters…

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