Red Team

After a year or such, I played volleyball once more. It was the “inter-university” volleyball competition. Running the court were those from RITM, SLH and other institution. It was held somewhere in Mandaluyong City.

Met old and new faces. Some new eye candies and such. It was really fun but my friendliness is not really at par. Of course, the same old me.. the suplado type looking around the corner.

Ate Beth gave text blasts about the game and I think it was the time to loosen up my nerves and muscles. My last play was for a group of gay guys last year, just a fun game though. Unlike this one with prizes and much.

Talking about the play, I was just so-so. Why didn’t I take serious efforts when I was in high school.
Regarding the players… well, met some good old friends and of course new ones. On a group of 30+ who wouldn’t think to look for some eye candies right? I got like 3 or so…

Mr. D
Mr. M
Mr. J
Mr. P

and that’s 4.

We lot though. And i don’t really like the feeling of getting lost. Blame it to the innate nature of Geminis.


Author: The Chemistry Guy

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