My Promiscuity pt.2

It all happened after a movie date with this guy. The movie ended a bit early and both of us were not that eager to go home yet.. We decided to drive to somewhere where we can have a late night chit chat.
We drove from north to south.
Ended up craving for some coffee since it was a bit raining that time. We scouted for some shops and found one along the seaside boulevard. Just before we open the doors, it rained so hard like there’s no more tomorrow. We stayed inside the car and waited for this hard rain to pass. As we were waiting, we took the chance of doing some chit chat. 
Kidneys are not the only one stimulated by a cold rainy night, need to mention those hormones too.
Conversation got too steamy and he asked if he could kiss me. I said ok… and there you go. It was raining so hard that you can see to moisture build up on the wind shields and glass windows. It was getting intense but with a little bit of interruption. 
I know what we are doing inside the car and I know that there’s this great possibility that someone might caught us. 
As expected, several minutes have gone.. a flashing light came, but it just passed. I thought that security guard didn’t notice us but that was already a warning.
To our knowledge of no one seeing us, we continued what we were doing until another minutes later a patrol mobile parked beside our car and 2 policemen dropped of with this big flashlight. 
Oh crap, BUSTED!
They asked one of us to ride inside the police mobile and the other on our car.. they intended to do a convoy.
We got no choice but to go with them.. To my mind, OMG what am I gonna do? call mom and tell – “mom am at the police station.. blah blah blah” what a nice way to reveal my sexuality with everyone.
as we head to the police station, the convoy stopped and that big headed police guy went down and told the other that my date’s uncle is a higher official of the police force and they might get suspended if they pursue us. 
Oh god, why am I so lucky.
We transferred cars and give those policemen something to hold their horses off.
After what happened, I asked date if that uncle thingy is true.. he said, yes. He drove me home and that was the our last encounter. 
The next thing I know with my date… I don’t know. Maybe he’s already one of us. I know he’s more than promiscuous.
That would be the last time I’ll do that.. lesson learned: don’t do it inside a car.
If in case this guy read this, he knows who the blog owner is..