Not feeling well

Not really in good shape the past 2 weeks. 
First week, I caught the common cold.. and it was so nasty that I had to call in sick for work. Which I usually don’t do. Had a terrible fever, runny nose and headaches. The common signs of cold. After a couple of days, everything went well.. 2 or 3 days after… I got Acute Bronchitis. Coughing like a dog.
It’s getting worse now as chest pains start to sink, which makes me think if this is already something to worry about – like pneumonia or TB. I hope it stays with the Bronchitis part. 
Am now taking some antibiotics prescribed by my good doctor friend from Makati Med.
Rx: Azithromycin (Zithromax) 500mg, one tab/day for 3 days.
And in all fairness, the tablet got cheaper. Two years ago it was around 250+ pesos/tab. Now, around 170+ pesos. That’s already a relief. 
Am gonna get my lab test results from Makati Med and hopefully everything is just as good as normal. Especially the xray test. 
August, and I still haven’t taken my CD4 test from RITM. That should have been done last July. Am taking my ARVs as prescribed and somewhat on time, so it is expected to rise more than what it is now – 610. Estimate of around 700-900.
Well, am on my 2nd day of medication and I hope later I’d be fine or see some improvement. Hope those test results would go fine. 

Author: The Chemistry Guy

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6 thoughts on “Not feeling well”

  1. the green breaker said…
    get well soon, man.

    btw, i also got to buy zithromax for seven days, damn, the price. my mom told me that i should shoulder one tablet because i got to take two tabs a day. 😐

    yeah, pricey! but its cheaper now than before.. it well get more cheaper i think when patent is expired.

    why are you on a 2x/day prescription?

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