Underrated question

I met this poz guy over the internet. I was too aloof and doubtful answering his questions since I really don’t trust anybody. Especially nowadays when this blog came out disclosing these allegedly HIV positive guys. They’re like the most stupidest.. yes, “the MOST STUPIDEST’ persons on Earth. Emphasis on that redundancy. They were like disclosing these guys, posting pictures and profiles telling don’t engage with them since they are positive in an effort to reduce the sero-converted population. Well, just search for them and you’ll be stunned to annoyance.
Going back. This guy was chatting with me for a couple of days. He was eager to meet in person for some chit chat and talks over coffee. He then asked for number. I was a bit skeptical of his identity so I asked his.
The next day, I decided to give him an sms and got an instant reply. Conversations were a convincing so maybe I could trust him…
Everything was fine, he asked me for a meet up to discuss about my life of being converted. Ok, maybe he needs a bit of counselling which I am NOT trained at until this line of message…

Well, I should be used to that since it is the most asked on the gay world. Honestly am no typical hunk type of guy, nor an airhead jock on the block. And not that super in the closet type like Piolo Pascual and other celebrities.. I was quite offended by this. Nawalan tuloy ako ng gana I-meet tong guy na to. For me it’s a sign of disrespect, and I don’t tolerate it. Am having this gut feeling that he has this hidden agenda. I just don’t know what. He said he was going to the gym, so I expect he’s another superficial in disguise. Ano ba naman, positive ka na nga, ganyan paren ba? Pwede for a change naman maging humble?
If only Efavirenz side effect wouldn’t include drowsiness and draining energy, I would have gone and kicked my ass out of the gym and be as hot as whoever.
I don’t wanna impose now, let’s test the waters.