Mental Check

Common depression symptoms include:


    • Hopelessness and helplessness – CHECK• Unhappiness and loss of confidence – CHECK
    • Tension and anxiety – CHECK
    • Irritability, anger or fear – CHECK

    • Difficulty concentrating – CHECK• Difficulty making decisions – CHECK
    • Suicidal – ALMOST CHECK
    • Memory loss – CHECK
    • Major life changes – CHECK
    • Guilt, worthlessness or being unwanted – CHECK


    • Inability to enjoy normal things – CHECK• Slow reactions – CHECK
    • Irresponsible behavior – CHECK
    • Neglect of one’s appearance – CHECK
Physical symptoms

    • Continual tiredness and easy tiring – CHECK• Sleeping problems eg. early waking – CHECK, TROUBLE SLEEPING
    • Eating problems eg. poor appetite, weight loss – CHECK
    • Headache, constipation or indigestion – CHECK
    • Loss of energy and sex drive – CHECK

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