I need elemental Iron

The results of our company annual physical examination was given.. I got a hit of GRADE B – meaning I am physically fit but with minor ailment… Anemia that is.

I know I will come to this point as this is an expected adverse effect of my ARV – combivir.

Result was below the normal standard of hemoglobin count. Maybe this is the reason why I always feel tired.

It’s not really chronic as my hemoglobin count is just below required standards. As prescribed, I bought a 3-month supply of Ferrous Sulfate and will undergo the test after 2 or 3 months.

Oh well, not really that great.

Anniversary CD4

This was supposed to be July but due to uncontrollable weather disturbances, my acute bronchitis and some procrastination this was moved to September… Yes, two months after.
I decided to have it done on a Friday so I can be absent from work and go on a long weekend… which happened to be a boring one. 
I woke up at around 730am, prepared some stuff like my backpack, the disguising bottle of my ARV and the pertinent papers – PhilHeath papers and Makati Med lab results.
Fasting started 12 midnight prior to that morning so I was that hungry, I even opted not to brush my teeth – this will just make me hungrier. LOL
Arrived at RITM at like 830am and as advised, OPD and ARG clinic has been relocated to another location… I got lost, of course am no kiddo so I asked the Kuya and Ate Jaguars to lead the way.
In all fairness, the new office site is more conducive – bigger floor area, a bit separate from the animal bite section and smells like provincial breeze. So, OPD and ARG combined into a bigger room.
When I entered the room, came along a new face – perhaps this was the new nurse in replacement of Ate Ana : Ate Mameng. I heard some stories of her being bitchy or should I say grumpy or masungit to patients. Well, I tried to call her several days before my scheduled test and she sounded nice so no big deal about it.
It was my turn and she was preparing the test requests, I already know what tests should be done but as I scrutinized the request, I wasn’t able to understand some handwriting and asked her what are those…
Unfortunately in a grumpy and masungit manner, she answered – “ano ka ba, buti nga libre na yan”. Knowing me being a reactive person and adding my hungriness I uttered in a respectful but sarcastic manner – “Alam ko  po, gusto ko  lang malaman kung anong klaseng exams to para alam ko” She then explained everything in detail… still in a grumpy manner. 
Haay, alright… I’d try to widen my senses and understand, maybe she’s no longer young and hormones are on the loose. but with all due respect.. I’m still thankful for her since she accepted the job of helping those in need.
Checking my peripheral vision, there was a guy smiling at me… I tried looking at him and to my surprise, he looked familiar. It took several minutes for my brain cells to work – I’m hungry, ok?. Hindi ko siya pinapansin and when I stared at him I said – “kilala kita!” He said the same thing. Ok, another small world instance not knowing a friend of yours is also sero-converted. Not a big issue.
Blood extraction was first in line and it took 4 vials of blood to complete the test. Still a lot! Time to get back to the new clinic and request for medicines, Ate Let and Victoria prepared the needed papers and sent me to the doctor on shift. Got my meds and Ate Mameng told that there was a free Hepatitis booster vaccine, I grabbed the opportunity so I took it. Till now, my shoulder is pain because of that. 
I was making tambay at the clinic and letting time pass by, I can feel Ate Mameng is starting to be friendly in a manner that she makes small talks. 
My intestinal walls can no longer hold the acids and my tummy started to make rumble so I decided to go home and perhaps buy some snacks on the way.
It was a tiring, hunger-full day. 
Four in the afternoon, I texted Ate Let for my cd4 results..
My new cd4 count as of September 09, 2011 = 608  

It went down by 2 points. From 282 to 610 to 608. I was expecting that it will reach like 800+ but to my dismay it went on a semi-plateau behavior. Just steady – whatever happened, I need to change my lifestyle again so next time it will be higher. Oh well, fluctuating numbers.