The Gamer

Contrary to you know, I’m a techie-inclined kind of guy.. particularly into gaming (console and arcades like Timezone). Ever since I was a kid I love playing console games. My first gaming console was the Family Computer, I remember those 30-in-1 cartridges that makes my childhood days… from Super Mario to Kung Fu and Load Runner. I admit, I never finished Super Mario I really suck that time and my gaming tactics were not that honed… I suck.

Years after, there’s this neighbor of ours who had a Sega Mega Drive, being envious of it I persistently asked my dad to buy me one. This was also the time that my first console got busted – know how difficult the control ergonomics Family Computer which burns your in-betweens of your fingers?

I finally got my Sega MD from dad as a birthday gift, one of the best gifts I got up to date… Yes it is, this console flew my tech mind off the hood… Unlike the my first console, Cartridges and games of Sega Saturn was really expensive… Family Computer’s games at 100 pesos or so compared to Sega MD’s 700 pesos to 1500 pesos. This was already a big deal during the 90’s. I only got 3 games but I liked them a lot. There were Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball Z and Stargate. I still remember how I got Dragon Ball, it was a surprise gift from my dad and I remember that day when he handed it over… Ah, memories. Couple of years later, my second console got busted. 😦

It took me quite some time to get another one. There comes Playstation 1. My dad died so practically there’s no one to buy me this. My mom won’t buy me since it was expensive at 10,000 pesos. I was crying like a baby. To set things straight, mom doesn’t spoil me with anything I want. After my dad passed away, it’s like our financial status was on a tight bottle neck. 

Chance upon that there was a newly computer shop across the street and offering PS1 at 30 pesos per hour.. good enough.  It took several years for this console to be over rated… games were a lot better than the other 2 that I had. I said to myself, I’m gonna save and buy my own soon…

That soon took forever and I wasn’t able to buy and the console was replace by Playstation 2. I was excited that time  and had a change of plan of buying this instead of the PS1. It was the fat version of PS2 at a whooping price of 17,000 pesos. Years have passed and already working, a slim version came out. Chances were great as it was December, just got my 13th month pay and finally decided to reward myself with something I always wanted. Bought a unit together with my ex – oh memories again, and enjoyed staying at home. 

I went into hiatus as I was busy with work and my newly found hobby – photography. I no longer have my 3rd console. New Playstation 3 came –  a fat version. Games are expensive to the nth power at 900 to 3000 pesos the most as it uses blu-ray disc. Patience was a bit of my virtue since I know they will release another slim version of it just like what they did with PS1, and so they did… PS3 slim. I haven’t got this but am planning to buy one as gift for myself. I know it’s too late, but i still want this. I’m so damn excited to be a kid again. These are the best memories of my childhood and I don’t want it to fade out.

Next up, my favorite games.

Bucket List

A couple of my bucket list, some maybe too idealistic but I just wanted to add it.. 

1. Visit Batanes group of Islands.
2. Have my own bachelor’s pad – either a loft condo unit with elegant interior design.
3. Learn how to swim.
4. European tour – Russia, Germany, Scandinavian countries.
5. A BMW or Audi car.
6. Become a manager.
7. Watch a concert.
8. Trek the Great Wall of China.
9. Be drunk like Kesha.
10. Meet someone who can bury me when am dead.


Too many people have noticed my drastic weight change.. When friends see me for the longest time, they always say how skinny I am.. Well, I’m not that skinny-bulemic.

Maybe they were comparing my weight and physique now than that of last year.. Yes, even I can now see my body built change.

My mom also noticed this, she was like worried why am I getting thinner as months go by.. Perhaps this is what another side effect of the medicines I take – lipodystrophy. Unwanted body fat redistribution.

My extremities, such as legs and arms are now getting like a girl’s tone. Am not a girl, so this doesn’t look good. It might be good if my tummy’s fat is also fading… But not.

So I’ve come to a decision to enroll myself to a gym. It’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. First, to regulate my fat distribution and a healthy lifestyle. Second, aesthetic purposes. Lol

When I was in elementary and high school, I was so fat like the kid from the movie Up, center of bully and teasing I was like the obese kid in town. I was then trimmed down during late high school and early college, my waist was from 36 down to 32. I was really thankful my body was trimmed down, but I think not to this extent.

So maybe this will be an excellent time to get in shape.. If my willingness permits me.

This might materialize towards the end of the year or early next year. This was already a plan created several years ago but due to my procrastination… It never happened.

Looking forward to this physical change.

Globe Trotter Teenage Dream

What will you do if someone seems to giving his best foot forward in an exaggerated way?

I’m a detailed type of person so when someone said this and that even when said online, I can remember every detail of it.

Met this guy over online and we were chatting over phone endlessly. Talked about the past and the usual get to know. We decided to meet over the weekend to get along.

Before parting ways, we had some talk over coffee knowing each other more.

As the talk goes a long way, I can now feel some inconsistencies and this instinct that what ever comes out of his mouth is no longer genuine. It was like sensational.

One instance was when he was talking about his ex, they were like chasing each other at different parts of the globe. Like what JLO said on her song – Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, straight to LA, New York, Vegas to Africa.

Hmmm, I don’t know if I were to believe but what matters most is how surreal you are saying. Of course, let’s give the benefit of the doubt…

After we met and parted ways, we no longer have communication. Maybe he’s superficial too.. I really don’t know.

Defective concentration

I think am now experiencing another adverse effect of Efavirenz and we’re talking about long term… Impaired concentration.
Recently, I had an exam and interview from a company I really wanna get in. The usual steps of online exam and initial interview were set.
There were 2 sets of online exams, one was to gauge knowledge of several software and second was to test ability to differentiate words, computations and information gathering.
Exams were easy as long as you have background and hands on experience. I have and they were just like lessons from college, the thing was I was my mind was like flying through the fields and being blank all over… Of course these exams were time pressured!
I am confident I aced the 2nd part since I love Math, analogy and scientific calculations. But 1st part was a bit disastrous since that was the peak of my impaired mind.
Interview went well too but with some mishaps. I now stutter and can no longer anticipate the next english word to come out of my mouth. It just happened now, after a year of taking EFV.
I’ll no longer expect something from that company, but of course little hope that they might call again for a positive result.
Oh man, I can’t blame my life saving meds…

Divine Teenage Dream

To make it clear, Teenage Dream is like a date.. just like how Katy Perry sang the song. Ok? This is the 2nd time I mentioned Teenage Dream, so get used to it moving forward. 🙂

First series of my dating experience or to make it subtle – meeting experience.

I met this guy over Planetromeo through my poz account. He messaged me and instantly asked to meet. Of course I don’t easily trust people over the said site especially if my profile is blatant of my sero status. I asked for evidence to prove whether he is really one – he provided none.

So I was really doubtful of this guy. But his persistence made me talk to him more. We exchanged photos using Facebook and he looks good. Tall, chinito and with a good body – ok, maybe this is another superficial guy.

Still doubtful, he was really that persistent to have a meet and greet. Chasing a free weekend, it was hilarious that I was the one who asked him to meet. He said yes and he was the one who decided for the place of meet up – his pad.

What I saw was what I got.

He admitted that he was into pnp and substance abuse. Inviting guys over his pad and do sex while enjoying drugs and there was an abrupt change from being so to a religious kind of person. He’s now into the more side of faith.

When we talk about faith, god, end of the world, illuminati etc. It’s a never ending cycle of talk., discussions and debates. And that’s what we did. Every time we meet, there goes the never ending talk. Really stressful on both ends, we both argue endlessly.

One of his ‘divine’ mission was to change how I feel and spread his word from faith. That’s quite a challenge for me. It’s really annoying when someone is trying to change one’s faith, we have our own and one should respect it.

In a nutshell, we didn’t click. I liked him and he liked me but talking about faith and religion? Nah.

Oh well, I hope he’s not hiding under the cloak of goodness to cover his dark acts of drug usage and pnp’s. Am gonna bet that he’s doing it again.

One lesson learned from him was – Always show kindness to others, and am thankful to that.

The 6-week test

Acute Bronchitis and paranoia lead me to have a TB test.
Tints of blood were seen through my sputum, so I hurriedly asked for a TB test. Two tests were done – AFB smear and TB culture and sensitivity.
AFB smear results came out 24 hours later and it was negative – both for 2 days of sputum sample.
Still coughing like a dog and blood tints the sink… Still paranoid of the golden standard of testing.
Tests were quite expensive at almost 8,000 pesos. Good thing I have an HMO to back me up.
Time flew and it was 6 weeks. Tests were done using TB BACTEC MGIT System which explains its expensiveness.
Results – NO GROWTH SEEN AFTER 6 weeks.
As expected. My respiratory ailment is gone.