On dating and beyond

Been into dates the past months – it didn’t work well. Or should I say, I never worked out.
Eye opener:
Regardless if you’re HIV free or acquired it, dating and relationships will still be dependent on you and the other party. 
I thought dating a comrade of the same sero-status will give an assurance that everything will work fine – It’s not.
Scene 1:
Dating someone who’s negative (assuming) is quite a challenge, all is well.. you act normal as if you don’t have any condition, date for a couple of weeks or months, being attached emotionally, you confess your status, he (your date) was in shock, eventually he refused and now… you’re depressed and rejected. 
Scene 2: 
You met a co-sero positive guy, decided to meet, dated for while, he doesn’t like you or I don’t like him and the dating stop. No communication after. Superficiality can come to anyone. 
Scene 3: 
You met a co-sero positive guy, date for a while, it went well, you like each other and voila! happily ever after.
Scene 4:
You met this negative guy (assuming), dated for a while, you like him and he likes you, you confess your sero-status, he chose to be with you (lucky you) and go happily ever after.
Experienced scene 2, two months in a row, and it might go to 3 peat. I’ll make entries for each of them.