The 6-week test

Acute Bronchitis and paranoia lead me to have a TB test.
Tints of blood were seen through my sputum, so I hurriedly asked for a TB test. Two tests were done – AFB smear and TB culture and sensitivity.
AFB smear results came out 24 hours later and it was negative – both for 2 days of sputum sample.
Still coughing like a dog and blood tints the sink… Still paranoid of the golden standard of testing.
Tests were quite expensive at almost 8,000 pesos. Good thing I have an HMO to back me up.
Time flew and it was 6 weeks. Tests were done using TB BACTEC MGIT System which explains its expensiveness.
Results – NO GROWTH SEEN AFTER 6 weeks.
As expected. My respiratory ailment is gone.