The Gamer

Contrary to you know, I’m a techie-inclined kind of guy.. particularly into gaming (console and arcades like Timezone). Ever since I was a kid I love playing console games. My first gaming console was the Family Computer, I remember those 30-in-1 cartridges that makes my childhood days… from Super Mario to Kung Fu and Load Runner. I admit, I never finished Super Mario I really suck that time and my gaming tactics were not that honed… I suck.

Years after, there’s this neighbor of ours who had a Sega Mega Drive, being envious of it I persistently asked my dad to buy me one. This was also the time that my first console got busted – know how difficult the control ergonomics Family Computer which burns your in-betweens of your fingers?

I finally got my Sega MD from dad as a birthday gift, one of the best gifts I got up to date… Yes it is, this console flew my tech mind off the hood… Unlike the my first console, Cartridges and games of Sega Saturn was really expensive… Family Computer’s games at 100 pesos or so compared to Sega MD’s 700 pesos to 1500 pesos. This was already a big deal during the 90’s. I only got 3 games but I liked them a lot. There were Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball Z and Stargate. I still remember how I got Dragon Ball, it was a surprise gift from my dad and I remember that day when he handed it over… Ah, memories. Couple of years later, my second console got busted. 😦

It took me quite some time to get another one. There comes Playstation 1. My dad died so practically there’s no one to buy me this. My mom won’t buy me since it was expensive at 10,000 pesos. I was crying like a baby. To set things straight, mom doesn’t spoil me with anything I want. After my dad passed away, it’s like our financial status was on a tight bottle neck. 

Chance upon that there was a newly computer shop across the street and offering PS1 at 30 pesos per hour.. good enough.  It took several years for this console to be over rated… games were a lot better than the other 2 that I had. I said to myself, I’m gonna save and buy my own soon…

That soon took forever and I wasn’t able to buy and the console was replace by Playstation 2. I was excited that time  and had a change of plan of buying this instead of the PS1. It was the fat version of PS2 at a whooping price of 17,000 pesos. Years have passed and already working, a slim version came out. Chances were great as it was December, just got my 13th month pay and finally decided to reward myself with something I always wanted. Bought a unit together with my ex – oh memories again, and enjoyed staying at home. 

I went into hiatus as I was busy with work and my newly found hobby – photography. I no longer have my 3rd console. New Playstation 3 came –  a fat version. Games are expensive to the nth power at 900 to 3000 pesos the most as it uses blu-ray disc. Patience was a bit of my virtue since I know they will release another slim version of it just like what they did with PS1, and so they did… PS3 slim. I haven’t got this but am planning to buy one as gift for myself. I know it’s too late, but i still want this. I’m so damn excited to be a kid again. These are the best memories of my childhood and I don’t want it to fade out.

Next up, my favorite games.