Staying Indoors

Gonna update you with the recent things I got.
Last holiday, I finally bought my personal Christmas gift. A ps3 console and an HDTV.  I ‘ve been bumming a lot just playing my new toy.
Since then, I opted to stay during the weekend and play games especially co-op games and meet different players around the world.
Bluray games are quite expensive, depending on the game title, some may be as expensive as a new mobile phone. So I only have like 4 or 5 games to exhaust on.
The good thing on this, whenever I feel stressed, frustrated or disappointed, I play games and enjoy those bloody and gory scenes. I tend to be violent because of this. It’s a stress reliever for me and let my angst shoot away.
I’ve been missing a lot of the outside world. No movies, no dates and everything. Just me and my toy.
Well, this is one reason why I haven’t posted on my blog or even update my iPod with new songs. I feel like a loser now. LOL
Bringing the kid in me is fun, I always wanted to do this. I am an only child so basically I don’t have someone to play with. Perhaps this is the reason why I am inclined to this.