Job Anxiety

I talked to Google and found this website about new job anxiety. Pretty much similar to what I am experiencing now. This might be helpful to other who are starting out with their role.

Whatever the reasons, here are a few strategies for overcoming anxiety related to your job:

1.If you had to accept a reduced salary or forego some other benefit that you once had, or if you took a role that is not quite aligned with your ultimate career aspirations, consider the upside of the situation. The employment will help you get back in the game, meet new people, expand your network, and possibly develop a new skill that you did not have before. Identify things you can do to improve your situation over the medium and long-term.

2.Be sure to take care of yourself. Eating 3 donuts and 2 gigantic cups of coffee before you go to work will not make the anxiety you feel about your job any easier. Consider taking a short walk during your lunch hour if feasible; look into incorporating other stress reduction strategies into your daily activities.

3.Refute your negative thoughts. Most of the time our imagination gets the best of us. Start off on a positive course. The position might live up to or possibly exceed what you expected.

4.Create a professional brand for yourself and then “act as if.” Decide how you want to be perceived by others. Positive, proactive, and committed are some things that come to mind. Your self confidence will grow as you start and get into a schedule; you don’t know where your new path will take you. Consider it something of an adventure. Things sometimes happen when you least expect it.


New Environment

Year 2012 is new to me, I transferred to a new office with a totally new management and environment. 

The new work load seem to be lighter than before, but of course it’s not that financially rewarding. The reason why I decided to go onto this is purely stepping stone. I wanna get out of the Business Process Outsourcing industry and be inclined with the corporate world. I got a chance to be with one so I grabbed it.

Schedule is far more better where I used to, now I get the change to go home by afternoon and do some stuff.

The only thing that I am anxious about is when the time comes that I need to go to RITM for my medicines. I have a normal office schedule, and so are they. Obviously there’s this schedule conflict which I have to work on.

Time runs very slowly at this time of the day, the clock is very slow after the lunch when it is 1pm-4pm. I’m always on the agony of waiting and making myself busy.
Now I get to dress up like an office boy. Sleeved shirt, leather shoes and chinos. At least there’s a sense of fulfillment of being a yuppy. LOL

I have this gut feeling that I won’t last long with this company, I might give myself a year to a maximum of year and a half. I feel unease and I’m not that excited to go to work. Perhaps I’m still adjusting with the new environment since I came from a very dynamic industry.

Assesing myself to date, I need to create something to look forward to so I can excite myself to go to work. My observation tells me that I might not grow with the company. But it seems that I am having a hard time doing so.