More P’s

Over the last few months I’ve met a couple of fellow pozzies and they have one common denominator – they’re into poppers and or pnp.
When I first encountered the word poppers, I really don’t know the exact meaning of it, what came into my mind was those toys inserted in the butt and make the pop?
I tried it once and it was in a very unlikely situation. I mentioned it in another post when I met Mr. False Teenage Drea,. So poppers is something similar to an acetone or any volatile liquid substance. Well, it didn’t worked on me though. What was told is it can be used to relax the sphincter of the anus so it can be easily penetrated (by the receiver – bottom) and can cause a short sensation of euphoria (perhaps both top and bottom)
Yeah it didn’t work on me though, No feelings of such fore mentioned, it was just like sniffing acetone – which actually feels better than poppers.
Another is PNP, though I haven’t tried this, I’ve met a couple of guys who were into it. Partee and Play that is. What I know is they use Ecstacy for a longer feeling of excitement and euphoria.. simply being high – Partee. Getting an orgy or sex party – Play (just my own understanding).
I met a couple of guys who is hardcore on this. I just don’t know if he still do it, but I’m quite sure he is. The one who’s already delirious and out of his mind. They told me this one is quite expensive – Ecstacy, and what they do is share this one pill since it’s already enough to cause the partee. Some consume more than the prescribesd dosage for a longer effect.
I’m just curious on what it brings but as of now, I don’t wanna try it. Well, for the fact of using drugs. I’m not closing my mind to it the possibility of trying one but I won’t be proactive on it.
So practically, these two are on of the greatest factors of spreading HIV. Pretty obvious since you’re not in the state of complete consciousness and decision-making is altered and some are neglected.
Oh well, that’s what they want. If you wanna do it, suffer the consequences – simple as that.

Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email:

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