Animated ideals

I have been with the console world for quite some time. Since my childhood days. I can’t control but to notice those hot video game characters and play them on my mind. Here’s a collection of some of my hotties. P.S for those who can’t really relate with the game itself, just appreciate them. lols . I feel like a perverted man because of this.

1. Leon Kennedy – Resident Evil 2, 4, 6

That slender, sleek toned body captured my attention. If you have played the game, the voice really compliments. 

2. Dan Marshall – Binary Domain

Though I just played the demo version of the game, this guy really caught my attention. I’m not really into that kind of hair but the appeal really ripped me off.

3. Dante – Devil May Cry series, Ultimate/Marvel vs Capcom 3

If we are to talk about manliness, we have Dante. The only stud and jock I know who’s a half devil. Take a look at those abs.

4. Adam Jensen – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Hey hot daddy with awesome sunglasses. That husky voice portrayed by the actor really added to the libido. lols

5. Chris Redfield – Resident Evil 5
No need to say more. The biceps are killing me.

6. Nero – Devil May Cry 4

The only character that made me kilig. The equal mix of brawn and affection.
I don’t care if my future boyfriend will be a half devil, half man.

7. Strider Hiryu – Marvel vs Capcom series

I don’t know much of him. I think he’s Japanese speaking too. 

This doesn’t promote my perverted side, I appreciate what I see. LOLS. I think they have one common denominator. I can’t really point it out but there’s something similar to all of them. 

Zen Habits

I talked to Google on some how to’s and lead me to this great website.

It’s all about being mentally and emotionally healthy. The site has some tips on how to’s and I find it really itneresting because I actuall do some of them.

75 simple pleasure to brighten your day –

1.Listening to good music in the car.

I don’t have a car, but I know sooner or later I’ll be having one – I just need to work on it. But instead I listen to my iPod, if you’re an avid reader of my previous posts, you know that my ipod is my bestfriend. So whether at work, while commuting, going shopping and dining alone… I listen to my ipod. Don’t ask what genre of music I listen to, they’re all pop. Bass heavy and pop oriented tones to uplift my sole soul.

2. Taking a long, relaxing shower.

Tried this and it’s very rejuvinating. Warm water is suggested as it relaxes your muscles. The down side of long showers is it cripples you skin. lol

3. Watching the sunrise/sunset.

This may sound like a boring task to do, especially if you are alone which I always do, but instead of watching the harsh light of sunrise, I always watch the bleak sunset. Together with my ipod, it’s a perfect experience.

4. Snuggling in bed with your partner.

Common, do I need to say more? This is really a pleasure IF AND ONLY IF you have a partner. Otherwise, forget it.

5. Dark Chocolate.

I dont’t like Dark Chocolates as they are too bitter. Not really into bitter-sweet food. I might go to Milk Chocolates instead.

6. Fries and a chocolate milkshake.

Done this! A hot, salty and freshly-cooked fries topped with tons of Heinz ketchup and a sweet, cold milkshake on the side. Better than chocolates.

7. Walking on the beach/Watching the ocean.

When I was in Boracay, I took the opportunity to sneak out of from my friends and walk the shoreline of the beach from Station 1 to Station 3 late at night.

8. Iced green tea.

Better than anything else, with the craze of milk teas nowadays. This is a must have. Trying to eat those large pearls when there’s no more tea to drink is a challenge.

You might wanna check out the site, maybe it can give you some relief. As of now, I need a lot of those. Everyday!

Anemic no more

I’m no longer anemic, that’s according to the past 2 cbc’s I got the last 6 months. Good to hear this but I can still feel the effects of less red blood cells. Groggy and sleepy.
The first 2 months after diagnosis, I took up iron supplements and ate lots of chicken liver – a favorite of mine.
I think these helped a lot. But I still don’t know how to combat my sleepiness. I must sleep like a minimumof 9 hours a day so I my energy is robust for the whole day. 8 hours is just not really enough.
I have read some web articles that going to the gym might help boost my energy, or just a plain exercise will do.
After financial assessment, I will now decide and lean towards going to the fitness center and evolve like a caterpillar to a butterfly. LOL
Seriously, I’m just thankful that an ARV side effect has been managed – as seen through the blood test.