It seems that I chose the wrong career path and not deciphered the emerging technological advances.

One of my greatest goals as of this date is to secure my future. Before I was diagnosed, this has been already on the top of the line and I thought that what I have now is more than enough to secure the future.

I have a background in both engineering and management aspects but it seems that I can’t really utilize these to the full potential.

Every day, I check jobstreet to search and observe what the current workforce demand is.

Not to my surprise – IT related jobs.

With the boom of the Information Technology and computer related aspects, so as the manpower need to sustain and maintain the industry. The most common are the software developers and ERP practioners. I felt the regret on my end and asked why In didn’t listen to my mom when I was about the enter college, She was the one who insisted of me taking IT related courses and of course I refused on it knowing the financial struggle of having your son to be enrolled in computer science courses – 2003, I don’t have any desktop, laptop nor printer. So i thought it would be difficult for me to adapt to lessons.

I checked on the salary grade of those IT professionals, my regret was intensified just to discover how high their pay check is. Let’s admit it, long term career is not fulfilling if not compensated very well and is a step towards financial security.

Now, after that I learned being sero-converted, I must act swiftly to secure my place and how to perceive the future. I’m not getting any younger and my target is to manage people by the age of 30. Maybe I’m setting my expectations too high, maybe I’m just pressured. This is not the time to relax and be complacent.

As of the time being, I can propose is that what I have right now is not really a career fulfilling endeavor.