Unexpected Bliss – part 2

Part 2

… so the night of Lady Gaga’s concert went more than expected.

Let’s start the story with a little flash back. I wont go into much detail as this might disclose my true identity. 😛

The night before the concert, I remembered this guy way back in college. I was on my freshman and he was a senior – a graduating student. 

How we met is kinda unexpected and I can’t really give in the details but he was the one approached me and that was the first time someone did that – knowing how snob, stiff and introvert I am.

The story didn’t last that long as he was about to graduate from college, we only meet once a week for 1.5 months since he was already preparing for his ojt and commencement exercises.

After his graduation, we lost contacts. No nothing.

I admit it was a puppy love.. now a more appropriate connotation – “teenage dream”

There wasn’t a year that I cannot think of him until I finally moved on and just think of it as a perfect teenage experience.

Until the night before Lady Gaga’s concert. I suddenly remembered him, trying to search his name on Facebook and even Google but to no results.

The night of the concert came and we were upgraded to the second highest class seating available. The concert started and in the middle of the fun, I randomly starred down and made an eye contact to this guy, he was also starring at me and to my surprise he was at the same event too. My excitement was like an airplane running 500kph.

We made signs to meet up at the entrance door after the concert but since the arena was so crowded, we lost each other and had no opportunity to talk. My heart felt bad – a feeling of grief and lost chance.

It was late at night when I got home from the concert and still pursued to search him on Facebook… suddenly his profile appeared and hurriedly sent a friend request. He immediately approved it so he was online. 

We finally talked and had a catch up to what’s new… 

too bad, he has a partner. 

I was baffled.

Still, I am so happy that these happened. I am still thankful that I went to Lady Gaga’s concert and seen this guy for the longest time. Of all the places and instances.

I’m still grateful – a bliss.

Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email: tetrahydroziline@gmail.com

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