HIV’s exponential growth in the Philippines

Disclaimer: The following post you are about to read is highly opinionated. So it is strongly suggested not to compare any kind of shit to this.

Recently, I have reading the news about the rising cases of HIV in the Philippines. Obviously the health officials are alarmed about the situation. If my data gathering were correct, Philippines is one of the 5 nations enlisted by WHO whose HIV cases are rising. So this means to say that others are effectively controlling the situation. Then why in the world Philippines’ HIV are on the loose?

I think there are 2 sides of the story here:

1. The health ministry and some HIV-advocate non-government organizations (NGO) are being proactive to “shove” off the untested individuals to get tested for their sero status. They’re setting up free test centers every week or so, encouraging everyone to get tested. So basically, the increased number means these are piled up cases of individuals who just got tested, well supposedly they should have tested way long before. 

Due to media hype and scare, the general population is getting aware of the increasing numbers, as a result, they will have themselves tested through the free testing centers held up by the health ministry and NGO’s. You know what, the word TEST and its other forms are so used in this story.

Philippines is one heck of a conservative country, primarily because of the Spanish influence brought during the times of early civilization. Added to it, the dipshits of the religious groups. 

Due to this conservativeness of the Filipino people, they were unable to embrace the technlogical and medical advances of the world. Leading to idiocy. Not knowing what to do and what to expect from the consequences of every action.

I think sex education is the top priority when it comes to HIV/AIDS prevention, it will not teach people how to be promiscuous but it will teach the what nots, what ifs, how to do it and every crap of sexual intercourse. 

If you don’t know how to use a condom, then dude, you are in big trouble. Tons of questions are being sent to my email and Planet Romeo account – examples are “What are the symptoms of HIV/AIDS?”, “I kissed someone, will I get infected?” “I did bareback, am I at risk?” and all those crazy shit.

Based on these questions, it is surreal that most of these individuals are not yet educated in terms of sexual activities and basic virology of HIV/AIDS.

Man, if you can search and flirt with a guy on Facebook or any gay personal websites, then why the heck you can’t you just Google the answers to your questions? Information is now readily available through the means of internet. I mean, it’s already on the palm of one’s hand. If you’re shy to ask from a friend, medical staff or your doctor then just try to browse over. But of course, not all information on the net are factual. You just have to be keen on what you are reading and its source.

Summing it all up, the health ministry, NGO’ and media – be it tv, radio, paper or the internet is the prime cause of HIV/AIDS increase for a late bloomer country like the Philippines.

One reason why Reproductive Health bill needs to be passed and approved. (the ever long discussion between religion and technological advancement)

2. I have to admit, I have friends who are HIV+ and still engages to sexual acts which increases the risk of trnasmission. I have more than a couple of friends who really does this. They still participate in some orgies, partee and plays and some poopy events. 

A simple mathematical equation is this:

(The HIV+ individual who doesn’t seem to care + An idiotic victim who don’t know what to do)^2 = disaster

The idiotic victim is now at high risk of getting infected. He doesn’t know he’s already infected, propagates into another sexual act with another idiotic victim and the exponential growth continues. Simple as that.

It’s a perfect mixture of idiocy and those hard-headed morons.

Who to blame them, if they enjoy doing it… then let it be. If it’s a way to relax, then let them be. I don’t really care.

I don’t wanna came in hands-clean, but as of the moment, in the event I wanna have an intercourse with, do it with the same sero-status. Still safe.

If you’re gonna ask me, If I am saying all this shit and what not, then why in the world I am HIV+?
Well, I can say is.. it’s a combination of the 2 reasons above.

I was idiotic that time and a victim of that dipshit who knew he’s positive yet penetrated my ass. I really don’t know, i no longer give a damn shit of why, how, where and who infected me. The important thing now is to keep my sanity and maintain the humanity that might still resides in me.


I haven’t blogged recently coz I was very pre-occupied with Twitter. Pretty understandable since Twitter is also a “micro-blogging” site. Have met a great number of PLHIVs too, some were quite a surprise coz they were used to be old friends.
Good thing about it is communication is quite fast, of course omitting the sense of mobile medium such as sms and call, you can check on what’s happening – real time and mostly, you get to learn each user’s “attitude”
Basicly, it’s just the Twitter universe of the normal people. PLHIVs are normal too, you know.
Going back to this attitude thingy, I think I have this gift of deciphering individuals based on their way of communicating to others. Maturity is certainly detected upon answering a certain question, correcct if I’m wrong, but that’s what I do.
There are people who are just attention whores, fishing for compliments – posting their miserable lives just to get attention and sooner boosts their ego by getting praises of some shit.
There are the phonies, pretending to be good and helping out others, but their insidious minds are on rush. Mostly they target those vulnerable beings, the depressed ones. Taking advantage of other’s weakness.
There are the desperate ones, somewhat simialr to attention whores but the difference is they don’t fish out for something. They just want to post every cry-inducing moments they encounter. Often times, they get the true “compliments”
There are the brags, these are the rich kids on the block who thinks they are like Paris Hilton, people who creates problems on what to wear, which car to drive or where to shop. Two sub categories on this – the real brags and the fake ones. Real, they have something to brag about and Fake, having a delusion and just wants to be seen like the Real.
There are the observers, just plain looking and reading over another timeline. As if they don’t exist. They don’t even post too much.
The bitches, which spices your timeline with their “bratty” attitude.
There are HIV advocates, they share the sentiments of those PLHIV.
There are the miss congeniality, befriends everybody.
and some other more, needless to say there’s no strong contrast between PLHIVs and non-PLHIVs. Just the same old crap and shit.
These are based on my own experience and opinion, you may have a different one so don’t simply compare yours. Ok?
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