I haven’t blogged recently coz I was very pre-occupied with Twitter. Pretty understandable since Twitter is also a “micro-blogging” site. Have met a great number of PLHIVs too, some were quite a surprise coz they were used to be old friends.
Good thing about it is communication is quite fast, of course omitting the sense of mobile medium such as sms and call, you can check on what’s happening – real time and mostly, you get to learn each user’s “attitude”
Basicly, it’s just the Twitter universe of the normal people. PLHIVs are normal too, you know.
Going back to this attitude thingy, I think I have this gift of deciphering individuals based on their way of communicating to others. Maturity is certainly detected upon answering a certain question, correcct if I’m wrong, but that’s what I do.
There are people who are just attention whores, fishing for compliments – posting their miserable lives just to get attention and sooner boosts their ego by getting praises of some shit.
There are the phonies, pretending to be good and helping out others, but their insidious minds are on rush. Mostly they target those vulnerable beings, the depressed ones. Taking advantage of other’s weakness.
There are the desperate ones, somewhat simialr to attention whores but the difference is they don’t fish out for something. They just want to post every cry-inducing moments they encounter. Often times, they get the true “compliments”
There are the brags, these are the rich kids on the block who thinks they are like Paris Hilton, people who creates problems on what to wear, which car to drive or where to shop. Two sub categories on this – the real brags and the fake ones. Real, they have something to brag about and Fake, having a delusion and just wants to be seen like the Real.
There are the observers, just plain looking and reading over another timeline. As if they don’t exist. They don’t even post too much.
The bitches, which spices your timeline with their “bratty” attitude.
There are HIV advocates, they share the sentiments of those PLHIV.
There are the miss congeniality, befriends everybody.
and some other more, needless to say there’s no strong contrast between PLHIVs and non-PLHIVs. Just the same old crap and shit.
These are based on my own experience and opinion, you may have a different one so don’t simply compare yours. Ok?
For those who wants to follow me on Twitter – @tcghiv
Just mention and I’ll follow back.

Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email: tetrahydroziline@gmail.com

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