My Promiscuity pt. 3

*these things happened or were done on the safest act they and I could possibly do. 

History really repeats itself. As they say – “do it once, shame on you but do it twice, shame on me”

The first instance happened, which I posted a couple of years ago, My Promiscuity pt. 1 indeed happened again. It was just recent as I write, like 3 days ago. Let me share what were the events.

It all started during the wee hours of the night – very late at night at around 3am (it should be morning). I was bored and got no one to talk to so I decided to open my “gay dating mobile app” (if you’re gay, use a smartphone like iPhone or Android phones perhaps you surely know this). After some few minutes, this guy – let’s call him WEIRDO, sent a message asking for my location. Proximity is so close we can get to see each other in less than 15minutes. Ever since I started using this MOBILE APP, I’m seeing him within reach. I really don’t talk to conceited guys which do show on his display photo. Ok, he’s manly endowed and I’m not. I admit, I’m not the most manly like guy you’ll meet but of course I know how to act in accordance.

He sent a couple of his photos and dick pics (I knew by then, he was looking for a hookup). He’s not that cute nor my type but he’s hot. Hot in a way that he’s a gym bud, his chest at biceps are so toned you’ll gonna be looking at it instead of his face. A shrimp maybe.

The insisting game began, he demand for me to go to his place right away coz he’s so horny and wanna fuck like hell. I’m having doubts since it’s already 4am. I’m delaying me replies hoping he would ignore me, but after seeing my photos – he then demanded more for this “early morning-rooster beating hookup”. I still hesitant to since, I’m too lousy to move and go away from my bed. But after a couple of hours… I gave up. Alright fine, wait for me and I’ll go to your place, meet me at your front yard within 10mins.

I went there, we met halfway across the street and man, he truly is hot. Well, not really cute. We went inside the house and sat on the couch. I noticed that there’s this loud stereo upstairs and asked who’s with him, he answered honestly “I’m with my housemates”. It was like, “oh fuck, not again.” 

We started making out on the couch, I’m really into him since he’s hot. Then he asked for us to go upstairs, “ok, I knew it.. another orgy thing” I declined and said I’m not really into group fun. I said let’s just wait for “them” to come down and be on our turn. Several minutes later, THEY went down WEIRDO pulled my hand and went upstairs. We went into the room and totally made out. This is where is acting weird, I don’t know if he’s just making it up but I found it weird.. he was like “you know what I like you, you’re a good kisser, I’m now your boyfriend, I love you” Hmm, ok.. 

Then a few minutes later, the door opened – I knew it was the other 2 guys who went down earlier. Then suddenly I felt someone is kissing my legs and what not.. Oh god, I knew this was gonna happen. I can no longer do anything, I’m on a point of no return. Fuck.

WEIRDO whispers and continuously apologizing for what is happening. I can no longer do anything but to go with the flow. I said to him, “you need to take care of me, I don’t want this and please don’t let him fuck me”. In all fairness, he did and didn’t left my side. Good.

I let the other 2 guys feel that I’m not really into this and they felt it. But this “MR CLEAN” guy, is insistent as well he lurks and gets in the way if there’s a chance and when me and WEIRD are not with each other. Oh freak, I know he has a big dick but common you’re not my type. Seriously dude. A bald mature dirty old man type. Please. He even takes photos of our behind. Oh common, you’re such an indecent pig! 

The assembly was a total casual setting. WEIRDO and I are doing it and the other 2 were like cleaning the room – lights off. It was like a scene on some gay porno, poppers and fuck everywhere. 

The other 2 left the room and WEIRDO and I had the chance to be alone. This is the part where I enjoyed the most. He’s good in bed and he felt that I am too. We were “sexually compatible” and I joined his weirdness. I went to his game like we were like partners doing an intimate moment covered under a no-strings-attached stuff.

I asked who are these guys, he said they are his “room mates”. I asked, why are you renting a their place. He said, “because MR CLEAN is my boss”. That made me freak out. WHO ON EARTH WOULD DO THESE STUFF WITH YOUR OWN BOSS? FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, YOU’RE NOT ON YOUR UTMOST MENTAL STATE. MIND YOU, THEY WORK FOR THE COMPANY I’M EYEING OF GETTING INTO. NO!

There’s the sunshine and everything was over. Now the challenge is getting up, preparing myself to leave and see their freaking faces – the other 2 guys. I went down, took a shower and hurriedly prepared and asked WEIRDO to accommodate me outside. Saw the faces, no words from me – like the grumpy cat and went out of the house. 

If not for the other guys, I would really like WEIRDO. He’s hot – body structure wise and somewhat nice. Somewhat. But upon analyzing things, they are into it the longest time. 

*after reading this, I know you would think – “oh, The Chemistry Guy is too gentle, sweet, conservative and traditional.” Hey, I just don’t like orgy stuff, it make mes jealous once there’s another guy touching the guy I do.


Last year, I promised myself to redeem traveling. I started the crave for traveling after few of my friends invited me to be with them on certain occasions and my photography skills were enhanced because of this.

2012 was not really a good year for me, I was heavily armed with depression and insecurities and as a getaway from this, I traveled alone the onset of 2013. My out-of-town destination was very common though, I just went to Baguio City to try if I can manage myself being alone. I proved myself right, maybe because I know the place so much and been there X number of times. Well, this time was different, I am on my own.. with no friends nor someone to be with.

The day before my planned trip, I was so anxious and hesitant of not going.. the experience that I’m going to partake is somewhat new. It was like “go or not to go?”. I still packed my things and went on my normal office routine. I just had one backpack handy as I don’t want the burden of my luggage – I’m a light packer.

When my work shift ended, it was like — “fuck this shit, come what may”. I withdrawn enough money a 3D/2N-stay. Took a cab and went to the nearest bus terminal. Upon stepping out the cab and bought my ticket from the counter, I felt the excitement. This is it. It may be a lame and “touristy” destination.. but I’m on my own – a totally different thing. As a solo traveler must-do, I sent an SMS to a friend with all possible information of my trip, just for emergency purposes only.

Morning rush hour trip is a pain the in the ass, with all the traffic and hustle.. the metro travel was still exciting. Just looking outside the window and watched the people fight the rush hour. I was entertained as well, the bus had Titanic as on-board movie feature. Well, a pretty mushy 2-hr trip.

When the wheels hit the rural areas, I never felt the sleepiness. Took my Efavirenz and bough some Mentos Air to combat its side effects. (It might work for you too, eating uber menthol candies when you need to keep awake after taking Efavirenz). I wasn’t able to sleep due to the rumble of the road, so I just took out my eye mask and went on a micro-sleep.

4 to 5 hours have passed, I can now see the zigzag roads and the treacherous mountains of Benguet. January is now the best time to go up hill since it’s more cooler than the rest of the year. Benguet and Mountain Province are my favorite spot north of Manila. Been here the most than the southern part.

Seeing the clouds hovering the window bus makes me wanna go down and feel them, less than 30 minutes and I will arriving the Baguio City terminal. Still feeling the grogginess of Efavirenz, I munched all Mentos. We then finally arrived and as I stepped out the bus, it was a reality feeling that I made it this far. Now the problem relies on where to find a nice and cheap hotel – as much as possible, I want this trip to be worth the penny. I can afford some but still not practical. I hired a local cab and as we looped the roads of Session Rd., I finally found the hotel I have been eyeing for when I searched for cheap hotels on Google. The hotel facility is good and perfect for the budget. Went to my room and took a couple of hours to rest. I planned my itinerary and where to eat, Baguio is known to for fresh produce. Decided on my what to buys and where to go’s.

Went to some of my old time favorite resto’s and places within the city and enjoyed the night. Dining alone on a foreign place is not much a big deal and not as awkward when you dine alone in the urban areas. It will be the start of your adventure – traveling alone, when you meet locals or co-tourist. I met 3 guys during my stay, thanks to mobile apps. No hanky pankies though.

I met three individual guys – a local and 2 separate tourist from/visitors from Manila. The “local guy” even asked me to join his friends for some booze session. I never do this with strangers but I tried, it was worth it, I met his friends and had some quick booze session. At least they were friendly enough and you can really feel the sense of belonging – no “out of place” thing. (this one was the most unforgettable experience I can imagine)

The “second guy” was also a visitor, he was staying at a hotel on the other side of the road. We met and talked, conversation did well and our minds met. That night, we decided to hang out and find some place to chill on. He was nice and there were no awkward feelings. Until now, we still communicate – which is a good thing. We even plan to go out of town again. (I know this won’t go further, we’re just friends – he’s nice, if you know what I mean).

The “third guy” was also from Manila, on a business trip. We met the next night, had some dinner and coffee together. He was as good as “second guy” when conversing. He has a boyfriend which calls his mobile phone every 20 minutes just to know what’s happening. The night was quick since we are enjoying some good talks.

The second and third day of my trip was for me alone. Went on different scenes and places, just to reminisce. Had some good food and great walks. Just me.

When I was about to buy bus tickets going to Manila, there was a bit of a problem.. tickets were sold out and will have to wait for around 6 hours for new buses to arrive. (it was a Sunday and many tourist were booked and will be returning to Manila), it was 430pm and the ticket I bought was for 1030pm. Good thing, I saw “third guy” along the line and we bumped into each other. He got the same ticket as mine and luckily we are just a seat apart. Ok, at least I have someone with me returning to Manila. The problem is, where to stay for 6 hours? A split second, I thought of “second guy” (he’s about to return to Manila the next day). I texted him and he immediately us his room for the next 6 hours. Everything went fine and if I haven’t met these guys the night prior to that day – I’m totally fucked up.

The quick vacation was a good experience. Not really the place itself but feeling of freedom, independency and meeting good people. The euphoria of returning to urban area with great memories to keep is just awesome. Now, I’m planning to do it again.. in random places.

**took a couple of shots using my smartphone for this post.