Association and Travel

Honestly, I don’t have a steady past time. During your kid days, your parents would normally ask you to either play the piano – or an instrument, do some painting, engage in a sport – like a sports clinic or anything that will hone your abilities (be it mental, physical, spatial whatsoever). But it was the other way around on my end. They tried, but didn’t succeed. I’m not really sure why but having an introspective flashback of my situation.. I was the ultimate introvert kid. The typical shy, stay at the corner kid who can’t even make friends with.

As far as I can remember, the first time I did these learning enhancement skills was when I started drawing. Drawing and skething the basic stuff of living things up to cartoon characters. It didn’t last long enough and I wasn’t able to sustain it. 

My mother encouraged me to do swimming lessons, he asked my cousins to teach me how to swim – the basics such as breathing and floating. There was a time I nearly drowned – take note, not just one instance. After that, I was so scared to hit the pool or be in the middle of the beach. I have to say, even until today.. I don’t know how to swim. I’m so hesistant to be in the airline industry – cabin crew/flight crew coz what I know, you need to learn how to swim.

When I was in lower grades of schooling, I tried joining “boy scouts”. The normal routine of cab scouts as they imply to young boys joining the team made me even more shy and reserved as I see a lot of boys of my age and teens among the group. I cannot mingle around them and unable to connect with what they want. A week after, I quit.

Several years later, I went crazy to modern technology when Family Computer was released. My mom didn’t spoilt me enough, it was the childhood experience when I go to the neighboor every weekend night nd whole day of Sundays just to play Mario, Mappy, Ice Climber and those old school stuff. I had a chance to own one when my father bought a unit for my birthday. Soon, he bought another Sega Mega Drive. It was kinda sad to play since I don’t have any siblings to play with. Mom doesn’t want my friends to be in the house. The only choice left was to play alone.

My parents then realized this computer stuff will not do me any good so they bought some sports supplies. I have BMX bike, a football, a volleyball, a basketball and a roller skate all in one big box as a birthday present. The BMX bike was an instant friend, I got to learn balancing and riding the bike within a few weeks. It was so intense that I even did somersault along the streets until the bicycle fork broke and was never repaired. I then turned my interest to roller skates, touch luck – those four wheelers were hard to learn so I just kept them. I never had the chance to do basketball, I don’t know but there’s no spark between us. I think I was really born to be gay coz I don’t like basketball and did like volleyball. I had a Spalding volleyball and that time – 1990’s, a Spalding ball was expensive as hell. I got the chance to play volleyball with neighboors, day and night – non stop until it was severely punctured beyond repair. 

All the my sports stuff were gone except my gadgets which I reconciled and played with them again. As I grew up, I become naive of such activities. Even at school, I wasn’t even active at extra-curricular subject. Entered the school volleyball team but wasn’t sustained as well. I was a loser. Teenage years was a bit more “athletic” as I met some new friends when we got a new home. Athletic in such was I do outdoor games. Not a big deal though.

Up until now, I haven’t found a thing that I can associate myself with. Now, I’m trying photography and travel. Both wasn’t sustained much and slowly deteriorating. I think I just wasted some hundred thousand bucks for buying photography equipment. As for traveling, no regrets though. Traveling is the best thing to do while you’re still capable. The experience it leaves is most treasured other than anything else.

*topic deviation ahead 

The past couple of years, I have been into traveling and I really like it. It gives me the chance to explore beyond the common standards. I started traveling with friends and now planning to do it by myself. Solo traveler as they say. I plan to visit majority of the Philippine Island and some neighboring countries as well. Recent;y, I have been reading local travel blogs, been a fan of booking online flights and searching for itineraries of my next domestic travel destination. 

The sad part of this is when you there’s no one to invite for you to join an out of town trip. You are then forced to do it alone. Which is kinda frustrating. But after trying to be alone one time – during my Baguio trip, where I met some new friends then it became more exciting. Yes it’s exciting but when the time comes that I need to book a flight on my end, I can’t seems to put the excitement into action. 

I even seen this site where it will grade you based upon how many provinces of the Philippines you traveled. Quite baffled as I got a C mark. I need to extend my network and be on the move.

My Lakbayan grade is C!How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

I admire these people who create their travel blogs and at the same time I’m jealous. Why they can travel alone and here am I being to hesistant. In any case I’m able to push through with it, maybe I’ll make my own travel blog. Or perhaps post some of them here – of course, I won’t go into much details for security and identity purposes.

This year I will be committing myself to at least have a travel activity to 1 or 2 places every quarter. Possibly, this can be associated with The Chemistry Guy. Soon.

**Summer and Holy Week is coming so I expect to be out of town. Hopefully not being closed inside my room and playing video games or online Tetris.